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2022 Digital Marketing Trends & Strategies for the Hospitality Industry [Questions & Answers]

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2022 Digital Marketing Trends & Strategies for the Hospitality Industry [Questions & Answers]

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We had an amazing time presenting the 2022 Top Digital Marketing Trends and Strategies Webinar last week and received several good questions. Below is a compilation of the questions we received and our answers to them. If you missed the webinar, don’t fret as we also included the video at the end of this blog post.

2022 Hotel Digital Marketing Trends and Strategies Questions & Answers

  1. What is Naptune? Naptune is Milestone’s proprietary cloud-based SAAS tool that helps hotels and businesses manage their online local profiles, including listings and citations on search engines, online directories and IYPs, data aggragators, etc., which help in improving the business’s local search ranking.
  2. Benu mentioned somewhere to check if website is mobile friendly, what is the link? Google launched an online tool ( that allows website owners to check if their site is mobile friendly and qualifies for Google’s “mobile-friendly” label. You can read more about how your hotel’s website can qualify for mobile-friendly label here.
  3. Our hotel is part of a brand and the brand has access to our Google+ page. The brand refuses to give us access. Google has said there is nothing we can do to gain control of the page unless the brand releases it to us. What can we do? Unfortunately, only the owner of the Google+ Page can grant transfer of ownership. One thing you can do is ask the brand to give you access as a manager as the page can have multiple managers.
  4. What is the tool that you use to check PageSpeed Insights? We use several tools to check for website health. What search engines are looking for, in terms of page speed, are download time, reverse lookup, how fast can they get to your site and read the content, your server and network speed, as well as your caching speed. The one we featured on the webinar is GT Metrix: What we like about this site is it gives a waterfall flow of all the elements that may be causing your hotel’s website page speed to go down.
  5. I would like to utilize Google hotel price ads and how do I begin? Google, at this point doesn’t have an interface where you can set up hotel price ads, so you need to work with a third party. We at Milestone, we work with our partner to set up price ads and making sure we optimize for the budget so you have a monthly cap set, optimize for your location, etc. We have managed a few HotelFinder campaigns for our clients for the last year and a half and are seeing great results.

For more insights into the 2022 Top Digital Marketing Trends and Strategies For The Hospitality Industry, view our recorded webinar below.

Contributed by:
Benu Aggarwal, Founder and President
Kchitiz Regmi, Sr. VP of Operations and Technology
Mike Supple, Director of Products and Social Media
Tammie Carlisle, Sr. Director of Business Development, West Coast
Teresa Villaruz, Sr. Marketing Manager (Moderator)

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