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3 Things You Need to Juice Up Your Attorney Marketing Campaign

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3 Things You Need to Juice Up Your Attorney Marketing Campaign


Like any business, every law practice needs to have an attorney marketing strategy to promote their services. If your firm is struggling to bring in new clients, you need to pay attention to building a pipeline of interested customers who seek your services.

Whether you market your firm through traditional advertising or the internet, your target market needs to know you have what they need. Getting in front of prospects is only half the battle, once you have their attention, your message needs to be clear and professional without coming off cheesy.

Using the internet as a promotion vehicle is an area most firms do not pursue due to the lack of understanding or ability to adapt to take advantage of new marketing channels. The internet can no longer be ignored and should be leveraged by every business, including law practices.

Clients looking for your services are becoming more dependent upon the internet as a research tool and less on late night commercials, or newspaper advertising.

Most law firms have a good website with traditional photos and bios of their attorneys, and are a dime a dozen. These sites are set up and structured in traditional designs that rarely differentiate themselves from the competition. A website that presents your firm professionally is only part of the equation. If it does not offer anything new to the person doing the research, then it has not done its job in becoming memorable enough for them to bookmark your site.

Having a single picture of your partners with a few pieces of text is pretty much what everyone else has and is easily lost during the research process.

Here are three ideas that can juice up your marketing campaign and help set your practice stand out from the competition:

Begin an online Blog – A blog is simply a way to generate interest in your subject matter and provide information to those who are interested. When experts offer their views and insights, it gives them credibility and begins building a rapport with their readers.

Article Marketing – As part of your online content, you can also have your new attorneys create and share articles on subjects that others may not want to share for free. Building a subscription list of would be clients through articles or online newsletters can build long term subscribers who are comfortable with your practice and may seek you out when needed.

High Definition Promotional Videos – Find a high end video production company to create a web video of your firm and/or each partner in your firm. Static Bios get lost, but a more interactive video will help your prospect remember your capabilities and services. In some cases, a professional actor can deliver your message with professionalism and poise. When done in this manner, your firm can be presented in a crisp new way that will help build a credible link to your future prospect.

In summary, creating an attorney marketing campaign through internet promotion techniques can set your practice apart from the rest. Once in place, these marketing methods will provide another channel to fill your pipeline and bring in new business.

Having a basic web page to market your law firm is pretty much what your competition is doing. Having a solid Attorney Marketing Plan can make all the difference in driving business.

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