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3 Ways to Get the Most Out of SuperConference

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3 Ways to Get the Most Out of SuperConference

First, a confession.

I’m not an employee of GKIC. And nobody at GKIC asked me to write this article. I actually offered to write this article myself, partially out of selfish reasons.

You see, I’ll be attending the upcoming SuperConference in Jacksonville next month as a sponsor with a couple of my employees. My thinking is, if I can contribute to the success of the conference and help attendees get more out of it, I’ll be able to gain more visibility and help more businesses profit from my software.

That’s not such a bad motivation, is it? You’ll make the most of your investment, GKIC will fill the room, and I’ll connect with more customers— It’s a win-win-win scenario!

Having attended countless GKIC meetings and conferences over the last decade or so, some as a sponsor, once as a speaker, and others as an attendee, I’ve come to discover a handful of things I can do to make the most out of SuperConference.


Me on the main stage at the 2022 SuperConference in Orlando, Florida.

After all, attending SuperConference isn’t cheap, nor should it be! You’re going to spend money on your admission, airfare, hotel, eating out, and not to mention your valuable time. Since you’re investing so much into attending SuperConference, you might as as well get a return on investment, right?

Try these three tips and feel free let me know if you have any to add.

#1: Get Away from the Conference

I know, this sounds like I’m contradicting myself, but some of the most valuable times I’ve had at Superconference were spent outside the convention room.

Not to take away from what’s happening inside, engaging with other like-minded business people is just more effective before and after the sessions.

This can include going out to lunch with a group of entrepreneurs you just met, having an after-hours conversation, while seated at the bar, or meeting with an experienced marketer in a spur of the moment, one-on-one meeting.

I don’t know about you, but intrinsically, I’m not a very social person. Networking at Superconference was initially a difficult thing for me. However, I’ve learned to force myself out of my shell and I’m glad I did. As a result, I’ve been able to grow my business and meet new friends.

#2: Don’t Waste Your Investment

What is your purpose for attending SuperConference? Chances are, it’s to grow your business and make more money.

Which is great, but you need to take it a bit deeper.

My suggestion is to write down specific goals for what you want to accomplish at the conference. To me, a goal is worthless unless it’s written down, easily measurable, and at least slightly difficult to obtain. So, before you take the first step in traveling to Jacksonville, arm yourself with a profit-producing plan of action.

Here are some suggested goals I, or my friends have had while attending SuperConference. Customize the numbers and know that some may apply to you more than others.

  • Find your one-big-thing. I remember Dan Kennedy saying he had a client who would leave the conference as soon as he found the million-dollar idea. While I don’t endorse leaving early, I think this type of goal can be a game changer for any business.
  • Partner with five referral sources. SuperConference is an outstanding platform for connecting with other businesses that can refer new customers to you.
  • Meet with two other niche specific entrepreneurs. With hundreds of industries being represented at SuperConference, it’s likely there are other companies in your same niche that will be there. This is especially likely for local service and brick and mortar businesses.
  • Sign up twelve new customers. It sure helps, but you don’t have to be a sponsor to promote your product or services. Keep in mind though, this type of goal is best accomplished when you’ve already built a relationship of trust with those you meet.
  • Learn how to fix an employee problem. Entrepreneurship is a lonely profession. However, the conference is a great place to interact with other business people who may have already gone through the problem you’re currently experiencing. Be open and authentic with others, and you’ll likely find the ideal solution.

There’s so much valuable information to consume at SuperConference, whether from networking or from those on stage, that it’s easy to become overwhelmed.

Ideas are worthless until you put them into action. So, don’t let information overload get the best of you! You’ve set your goals, now go out there and reach them.

#3: It’s Okay to Go Off the Rails a Bit

By nature, I’m a frugal business person. So at the 2022 SuperConference when I told Dave Dee that I wanted to sign up for his pricey Platinum Mastermind group, it’s no wonder why he was so surprised.

After paying for travel between my hometown of Boise, Idaho and the three Platinum meetings in Atlanta, Georgia, it ended up being more than a $20,000 investment. For me, this was going off the rails!

I’m glad I did, though. The reason I joined was because of the caliber of people who had already signed up for it. I knew that surrounding myself with people smarter than me would be good for my business.

The investment paid off too, multiple times over.

My suggestion is to be willing to stretch yourself a bit. Don’t be afraid to go outside your comfort zone. In the end, I’m sure you’ll make the most of your SuperConference experience!

Thanks for reading,
Brodie Tyler

P.S. Don’t forget to come by the ReviewJump booth, even if it’s just to say hello. If you come by early enough, I’ll also give you a free copy of my new book, Reputation Equals Revenue.


Source: Dan Kennedy