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5 Steps To Creating and Selling An Online Product In the Next 14 Days

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5 Steps To Creating and Selling An Online Product In the Next 14 Days

Here at GKIC Info-SUMMIT is just around the corner and because of that, “info-marketing” is on the mind. The thing is, many people don’t really know what the heck “info-marketing” is, and seeing as how it’s the ultimate way to leverage your time and thus add to your income, we wanted to explain exactly what it was AND give you the 5 Steps To Creating & Selling Your First “info-product” In The Next 14 Days.

Briefly, info-marketing is taking knowledge you have (or it can actually be someone else’s knowledge, but that’s a discussion for another time) and packaging it up in a way that others will pay you money to get it.

Let me give you an example that might help. To do this we’ll look at what a typical chef does. Most chefs aspire to opening a restaurant (that cost lots of money to open) where they’ll take ingredients (that they need to pay for ahead of time), and put them together into a meal which they sell. That’s a traditional brick-and-mortar business.

The problem is as the restaurant becomes popular, the chef realizes that they can only serve so many people a night. They are also confined geographically, because no matter how good the food is, most people will only go to restaurants they can get to fairly quickly. They also need to hire large staffs, other cooks, etc…and each time they sell another meal there’s a lot of real “hard” costs involved. So their main ways to grow are to expand the size of their restaurant, or open other locations.  There’s got to be a better way!?!

THE BETTER WAY: If that same chef were to create a cook book, with all their recipes and it contained videos people could watch to learn cooking techniques, and sold that it would be an “info-product.”

The great thing is many info-products have a very low “hard” cost. Many can even be delivered digitally so the actual cost per unit is ZERO! Plus, you’re not limited in how many people you can sell to.  Plus through the magic of the internet there are none or very few, geographic issues so your location is irrelevant. Plus (are you getting the point that there are a lot of pluses) once you have a website set up and ads running, people can buy your product 24 hours a day 7 days a week without ANY work on your end. There are a lot more pluses because once you have a bunch of customers who’ve bought this, there are endless other opportunities of items they could buy (but that too is a discussion for another time.)

So all in all info-marketing is one of the ways to go from trading your time for money, and instead trade your knowledge for money. Thus providing you with lots of opportunity for income growth!

But how the heck do you get started?

Well, GKIC’s Dave Dee, who has created countless info-products and more importantly helped lots of other people create info-products is going to show you a “5 Step Blueprint To Creating a 4, 5 or 6 Figure Side Business That Runs on Auto-Pilot.” It’s totally free and he’s going to go through all five steps in great detail.

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But to whet your appetite (yeah it’s whet…with an “h”…who knew?!?) I’ve drawn a picture for you, turns out I did learn everything I needed to know in Kindergarten, and will briefly take you through the five steps of just one model you can use to sell and create (yes in that order!) your first info-product in the next 14 days. Ready?

5 step process

Step Numero One: Get people to sign up for a webinar. Yeah, turns out you’ll need prospects if you want customers, so in order to do that, you’ll need to host a webinar (I love the free resource Google Hangouts) and get people to sign up.

You can do this much more easily if you’ve already got emails or mailing addresses of people who might be interested, but if not, you can do things like promoting the webinar on Facebook, create content with an offer to sign up, use mailing lists or other things.

The easiest thing I know is to create a landing page where you’ll briefly tell them the benefits of joining the webinar and then collect their information (name and email at a minimum.) Now that we have people who’ve signed up for the webinar and collected their info, let’s move on to step two.

Step Two (this is one most people don’t do and it’s costing them “mucho DEEnero” as Dave Dee would say): Engage with an offer! Yup you heard me, offer them something immediately. Look, going back to our food example, say a chef offered a webinar on how to make the best Lasagna you’ve ever tasted and the webinar is in a week. What if I want to do something, now and immediate, after signing up for the webinar, and a screen came up that said something like…

“Congratulations on a great decision! On Thursday I’m going to show you my secret family recipe for mind-blowing lasagna. Make sure you show up on time and be ready to take notes. I’ve also got a book with 14 other pasta recipes all of them passed down over six generations and each recipe comes with a full video tutorial where I show you exactly how I do it. You can get the entire book and videos delivered to you right now, digitally, for just $17…”

Do you think there are some people who might take this offer? Of course there are. In fact recently we had an immediate offer for $47 that a whopping 13% of people bought after signing up for a free webinar. That meant we had five figures in sales before even doing the webinar! Even if the webinar we did didn’t sell a thing, this wouldn’t be a bad little business in and of itself.

Step Three: Give the webinar. Don’t over complicate this or think you have to deliver a be-all-end-all webinar. All you need to do is provide people with information that will do one of three things.

  • Help them solve a problem (ex. how to eliminate lower back pain for males over 50)
  • Help them achieve a goal (ex. a training regimen to running a marathon for people who don’t run)
  • Help the overcome an obstacle (ex. how to get out of the “time for money” tradeoff and build the ultimate lifestyle business)

Then you simply need to deliver the information in an interesting an entertaining way, while establishing yourself as an authority on the topic and lead the viewers to a larger product. If you’re the chef, maybe it’s a 10 week online course that’ll show them knife techniques that’ll impress their friends, food preparation hacks that’ll cut the time it takes to create a meal by 75%, shows them how and when to use the Five Mother Sauces like a pro, and takes them through seven complete meals from appetizer to dessert and has a bonus week on wine pairing and cocktail creation. And they can get all of this for $197.

Step Four: Follow-up with non-buyers. Yeah sadly not everyone who registers for you webinar will actually attend, and not all who attend will actually purchase. But wait…all’s not lost.

All you need to do is to create a non-buyer campaign whereby you’re marketing your big product to all the people who didn’t buy. You can use email for sure, and if you have their address, you can also use direct mail (like the kind a person in a blue shirt delivers to an actual house!) A great thing to provide either online or via direct mail is a link back to a limited-time replay, or if you’re mailing something, spend a buck and put the actual webinar on DVD or a memory stick for them and include an order form.

Doing this can increase sales by as much as 20%-50%!

Step Five: Deliver the product. (Did you notice that up until now you haven’t actually created anything? Even your initial offer could be someone else’s course or product.) Now you’ve collected a bunch of money so you need to give them what you promised. The beauty of doing things this way is let’s pretend the webinar was a total bust and no one bought your offer. You haven’t spent any time yet creating your course so the total time you’ve invested is very minimal.

One of the best ways I know to create the course is do it live over the internet again using a simple system like google hangout. You can get fancier down the line, but this is simple. So all you do for ten weeks is give them a link to where you’ll do your google hangout and then over the course of the ten weeks you deliver the entire course. At the end of ten weeks you’ll also have the full product recorded so you never have to do it live again! There’s a lot more that goes into this, but Dave’ll talk about that during his training.

So now I hope you can see the beauty of info-marketing. And if this one strategy I just described doesn’t do it for you, there are hundreds of other strategies you can use as well! The next step in getting started is to click below and reserve your spot for “5 Step Blueprint To Creating a 4, 5 or 6 Figure Side Business That Runs on Auto-Pilot.” I hope to see you there!     

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Source: Dan Kennedy