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6 Common Mistakes on Your Wedding Day

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6 Common Mistakes on Your Wedding Day

A wedding is a once in a lifetime event. It takes months or perhaps years to plan the perfect one. With so many details to remember from the wedding videography to the wedding favors, it is easy to make a mistake. Brides to be are stepping out into unfamiliar territory and trying their best to organize everything until the joyous occasion comes. There are a lot to accomplish in the wedding checklist that one or two details are often overlooked. The reason for this is inexperience.

With these said, it’s important to keep in mind these common mistakes when planning for your dream wedding to avoid possible problems on the big day:

1. Not setting up a realistic budget. A wedding costs a lot of money. It is very important to set up a realistic budget and stick to it. Not creating a budget ahead of time will often lead you to go way over your budget. Before you know it you have already spent twice for your wedding invitations and there’s nothing more left for the caterers. This predicament will possibly keep you from doing some of the special things you are planning on that special day.

2. A large guest list. This is one common mistake that every couple fall into when planning for their wedding. A wedding guest list size will depend on your budget. Decide if your wedding will be grand or will it be small and intimate. Once you have made up your mind, discuss the number of people you are able to accommodate. Make a list of must-have guests and number them according to importance. This will narrow down your choices in case everyone cannot fit on the required number of guests.

3. Not hiring a professional wedding planner. Couples often think that hiring a professional wedding planner is expensive. This is the reason why they often delegate the planning process to a friend of family member. This is a big mistake. It is much better to hire a professional to do the job who has more experience and the right connections to make sure everything is perfect on your wedding. A wedding planner allows you to enjoy your wedding day instead of worrying about every little detail.

4. Hire professionals for your wedding. To have a worry free wedding, it is important you choose the right people for the job. You may have to pay a little more for their services but wouldn’t it be better to know that these people will do a great job on the big day? One example is to hire a good videographer. A professional wedding videography can protect your most precious memories by capturing it on video. These moments will be preserved for you, your family and your future children as well.

5. The marriage license. There are many rules and regulations pertaining to a marriage license. These rules usually vary from state to state. So even if you know the rules in Atlanta, it can be a little different in Chicago. So it is much better to research ahead of time and find out information on the marriage license on the state you are planning to get married in. It is better safe than sorry.

6. Losing perspective of the big picture. After all the preparations are done, do not lose sight of what’s really important to you. This is to enjoy this once in a lifetime event with your husband.

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