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A Triple Threat Package from GKIC to Help Small Businesses Grow and Prosper with Referrals

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A Triple Threat Package from GKIC to Help Small Businesses Grow and Prosper with Referrals

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Generate an Endless Flow of Qualified Customers

The Ultimate No B.S. Referral Machine is the featured product for the GKIC weekend web deal. This is a tested and proven system designed to attract and maintain a steady stream of referrals to your business. Recorded on 4 CDs and 4 DVDs, it’s an intensive process broken down with a corresponding transcript. This training program is divided into four main topics:

Part I – Analyzes the foundations of generating referrals and the mental psychology of the methods involved. Find out why many business owners don’t have a system in place for referrals, and why customers don’t normally give referrals. This section then takes a look at the components involved to set up a referral machine and the goals of this kind of system.

Part II – Gives the details of some actual samples of powerful referral strategies currently in place and offers lots of ideas to help any kind of business get started and on the way to a steady flow of qualified customers who can potentially go on to become long-term customers, clients or patients.

Part III – Breaks down some of the key components of the machine including testimonials, newsletters, dealing with privacy, attracting and retaining affluent customers and more.

Part IV – Includes lots of tools you will need, it’s your Ultimate Referral Toolbox. This section has lots of samples and examples of “swipe and deploy” tools, actual templates that can be successfully applied.

Jimmy Vee and Travis Miller Give You an Inside Look
at a Multi-Million Dollar Operation Built on Referrals

This week’s bonus extra #1 is a FREE MP4 of Jimmy Vee and Travis Miller. These former college roommates conceived and head up one of the largest automotive advertising agencies in the industry: Rich Dealers. Their presentation is from the 2022 Info-SUMMITSM.

These two entrepreneurs built their company based on referrals. Together they figured out a way to make a business ESP – enjoyable, simple and profitable. You’ll see how they created a referral system to dominate their niche by doing something most info-marketers never do.

Find out how they turned things around regarding “the way things are done around here”. They also show you their secret formula to building equity in your company so that you’re not dependent on your “next hit” or “next promotion” and develop “locked in” income on a daily basis, just like the big companies do it.

The best part is they’ve been able to build their organization and yet avoid the grind of business travel or working long hours at the expense of their personal lives and family obligations. This MP4 live presentation, a $297 value, is yours FREE through Monday when you order The Ultimate No B.S. Referral Machine.

Private Practice Growth Strategies Features
Referral Strategies That Work

Bonus extra #2, also FREE this week only, is Private Practice Growth Strategies, an MP4 created specifically for doctors, lawyers, CPAs, financial advisors, consultants, coaches, interior designers, architects and any other kind of professional practice.

Originally presented at last year’s SuperConferenceSM, you’ll learn strategies for picking up new clients or patients, keeping them for the long haul and how to solve all-too-common professional practice problems.

Client or patient flow is the lifeblood of your business. Boosting your system of referrals will make your business more predictable. It’s a key contributor to you being more positive and optimistic. And this will rub off on your family, your staff and your clients or patients.

If you believe some of the weaknesses and vulnerabilities in your practice could be fixed by getting more referrals, this program is for you. 

Order The Ultimate No B.S. Referral Machine and make a down payment of $199 with the balance of $199 due 30 days later and get the following FREE bonuses:

• MP4 of Jimmy Vee and Travis Miller talking about how they built a sophisticated multi-million dollar advertising agency primarily based on referrals 

• Private Practice Growth Strategies, an MP4 of Dan Kennedy’s presentation at last year’s SuperConferenceSM, shows professional practice owners how to attract new clients or patients with proven referral methods

To take advantage of this fantastic offer you must act by no later than midnight, Monday, March 30th.   

Source: Dan Kennedy