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All business owners have this priceless gift—but most never discover it

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All business owners have this priceless gift—but most never discover it

A key factor in your success is developing a distinct brand personality.

Most businesses never do this. Instead they have a variety of personality types in play, leaving their brand personality undefined and their consumer confused about who they really are.

Why does something as important as this happen?

Because, for many developing a brand personality feels overwhelming. All this talk about brainstorming options about what kind of voice they think they should have and so forth seems difficult and confusing. As a result, business owners never discover their brand personality.

What’s more, their approach to figuring this out is all wrong.

Instead of basing your brand personality on opinions and inadvertently being something you’re not, you just need do more of what comes naturally to you. Your personality really is “your natural superpower” —if you know how to use it. It will make you different and more fascinating than your competition and cause decision-makers to be automatically drawn to you.

Fortunately, there is an easy way to determine exactly what your personality advantage is. Thanks to award-winning copywriter and author Sally Hogshead, the guesswork is removed. After researching for over a decade, Sally has come up with a scientific formula which identifies your personality’s most fascinating communication advantages. In fact, her formula is so precise you can use it to create your brand personality in only an hour.

Pretty killer huh?

Here are three ways Sally says you can leverage your brand personality to attract attention and influence behavior:

1) Zero in on your fascination advantage FAST. According to Statistic Brain, you have 8.25 seconds or less to win over your prospect. Stand out by honing in on your fascination advantage immediately. For example, if your advantage is prestige (one of the personality types identified through Sally’s research), then your prospects want respect and results. Fascinate your audience by making them feel part of an exclusive club.

2) Communicate your highest value. The three sides of what Sally calls the “Golden Triangle” represent:

  • The need or problem your client needs solved;
  • The opportunity your product or service has that allows you to solve the need; and
  • Your fascination advantage is your competitive advantage.

Communicating your fascination advantage is how you are most likely to add distinct value.

3) Fascinate long-term. Now that you know how to tap into your personality (something most business owners NEVER discover) make it the center of everything you do. Think about some of the companies or people that continue to be fascinating such as Apple, Nike and Donald Trump. By focusing on their “fascination advantage,” they continue to be unique and lead their field. Using your fascination advantage long term causes loyalty and an audience willing to pay more for products and services.

When you discover and then communicate using your personality advantage, you earn more respect, more clients and more revenue—without spending any more money. Remember, if you want higher income, it’s about who you are, not what you do.

NOTE: Sally Hogshead’s “How to Fascinate SYSTEM” was developed with Dan Kennedy and introduced for the first time at SuperConference 2022.   Discover how the world sees you with Sally’s updated and revised book that shows you how you can create your brand personality in only one hour here. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

Source: Dan Kennedy