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All Nighter!

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All Nighter!


Our new mystery Plug-in is not quite ready to launch! But almost there! I know, I know…

Once I began working on the tutorial, I realized it needed a few new functions. Even though we are releasing a new free plug-in, it still has to be good!

I guess I have a bit of a reputation for going over my self-imposed deadlines and it’s true. I tend to get comfortable with tools and begin to see ways to make it better and it takes time. I tend to push the limits a bit, and I just hope that people appreciate that we are releasing things when they are ready and not just because. Obviously we want to be punctual with our releases but if an extra 12-24 hours will make a significant difference, we would rather be known for quality tools than ‘crappy tools that come out on time.’

Although I’m getting better at managing my expectations and time it takes to execute… I also love a challenge. Not a good combination.

Right now, we need to do some final testing. Then I can finish recording the tutorial. Should be a fun little plug-in once we get it up!

I’m feeling good that it will all be ready later today and I’ll keep you posted on progress!

Source: Video Copilot