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Amazing Social Media Marketing Questionnaire to Get Ideal Clients

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Amazing Social Media Marketing Questionnaire to Get Ideal Clients

I am giving you an amazing Social Media Marketing Questionnaire – which will help you locate and target your ideal clients online and offline (and via Social Media). You may use it for free, all that I ask in exchange is that you share it by clicking those cute share-able buttons beside this post. Enjoy!

Social Media Marketing Questionnaire

Social Media Marketing Questionnaire

Social Media Marketing Questionnaire:

How To Get Your Ideal Clientele With Minimal Effort.

Estimated Time: 1 Hour
The very first step is to decide what the ideal scene is for your business – you have to picture the IDEAL SCENE of your business as a vivid picture in your mind and then compare the ideal scene to the existing scene.

How would you like to feel? Would there be a stress-free abundance?

This is not a long process – I just want you to establish one goal – all we need is one goal! To get it your existing scene to ideal – what would that be:

Write down the ideal scene for your company or business.
Really get the mind-set of exactly what you want to achieve so that is does not waiver or falter. “You have to aim for the Stars to get to the top of the Palm Tree”.

Now, write down the existing scene.
You need a clear picture of what is missing – or what is not happening in your current business.

Now, compare the two outlines and note those differences.
When comparing the existing business to your ideal business – it makes it easy to determine what the biggest problem is – and what the immediate goals should be to bring the picture closer to ideal.


Create a “Unique Selling Proposition”
A.K.A. “Slogan”, “Elevator Speech”, “Mantra”, “Motto”, etc.

List out 5 reasons why your product or service is of better value:
You should know and really believe that your product is better and that you would be doing a disservice to your clients if you let them use another vendor who is going to either treat them worse – or cheat them out of their money. You need to know that you are doing your client a huge favor by ensuring they are taken care of – if you are not helping them out correctly – who will?

Summarize all five of those points into one short statement: i.e. “Hot Fresh Pizza Delivered in
30 Minutes of less”:

Make a clear decisive statement for your customers so they understand why you are the superior person to go with when considering your competition. This is also known as the “Elevator Speech” where you can tell people exactly what you do in one sentence.

Domino Pizza – created this “Unique Selling Proposition” a long time ago and it made them millions. Another example is Fed Ex – “When It Absolutely, Positively has to arrive overnight” or some such statement. This resonated with people and Fed Ex is where it is today because of this.


Determine Your Ideal Prospects


Estimated Time: 1 Hour


Who is your ideal customer?


Your Ideal prospect is a type customer that you would like to have many more of (perhaps hundreds more of). Consider your current clients right now, which one of them is ideal? If you have no ideal clients – let’s name who they should be. Here are some questions to help isolate a list:


Write down the answers to these questions – so you know what direction to take:

List who are your current ideal prospects? The ideal prospects are the customers you would like to have hundreds more of.

In order to get the ideal clients – you have to focus on the ideal client and their needs. You have to “Step Into Their Shoes”

What benefit (or benefits) does your ideal prospect want-and-need?

What can you provide that your ideal prospect is looking for in terms of solutions.

What do your competitors provide? What do they do better than you and worse than you?

Check your biggest competitors to see what they are providing – in a way that delivers this need.

What do you provide? What things are better or worse than your competitor(s)?

Compare yourself to your competitors – what can you provide that makes you much better than the competition?

What is the ideal prospect’s biggest problem that is not being met? How could you help him solve it?
You need to clearly understand your client. Know him almost better than you know yourself. Out of all of the problems – what would you say is the biggest?

What are your goals? (Examples: More money, more free time, more control, to be able to sell your business in 5 years, to be able to have the business run itself, etc.)

Really step into the shoes of your ideal prospect – once you have really assumed the “Role” of your ideal client – do the following exercise: Write down generally what you think your ideal client is most likely doing from dusk till dawn.                                      



























If you still don’t know what their day looks like – ask an ideal client.
You should be getting a clear idea of exactly the needs and lifestyle of your client. Isn’t this awesome. It gets better:


Step Three: Find Out Where To Promote To Your Ideal Client:


Estimated Time: 1 Hour


Write down the Demographics of your ideal prospect:                                    

• Age
• Buying preferences (retail – upscale or discount, direct mail magazines, phone, etc.)
• Educational background
• Ethnic group
• Financial worth
• Gender
• Geographic region
• Hobbies
• Income
• Marital status
• Membership in associations or groups
• Neighborhood
• Other
• Political views
• Position
• Religion
• Subscriptions to magazines, cable or newspapers
• Type automobile
• Type business
• Type investments (home owner, savings account, stocks, bonds, etc.)
• Vacations


Now go through the ideal clients Day and Demographics and figure out the best places to meet – talk to your ideal clients and brainstorm 5 ways to contact your clients:                            


You want to create some great ideas that your competition are not doing in order to start contacting these clients with the vital services that they need.

Write down who can refer these types of prospects to you:                                         


For each of the following groups include both existing and former. For example, you would consider existing and former vendors, customers, employees, competitors, etc. Or you could consider combinations such as former employees of competitors.


• Association members (Fraternal, social, industry, charity, or interest based.)
• Church members
• Competitors
• Customers
• Employees
• Governmental regulatory agencies
• Leaders or celebrities who your prospects admire, respect and/or trust.
• Magazines editors, writers for publications.
• Neighbors and friends
• Other businesses and professionals who your prospects trust in your area.
• Other businesses and professionals who your prospects trust outside your area.
• Prospects
• Prospects who did not convert
• Relatives
• Special interest groups (Cigars, travel, music, whale watching, etc.)
• Vendor
• Who do the prospects do business with before, during and after the prospect does business with you: In other words, who has the customers you want


Step Four: Start to immediately start getting referrals from current clients and vendors:


Using the list that you created in the earlier steps – create a list of people to contact – by any means possible get their Email – Phone or Address (Preferably all three).             


The bigger the list, the better.


Of course, it must be relevant names to your business and contacts. This is where you should be looking to build a large, ever-growing email list, and so continue to build that list as the years go on. Note: Be sure that all emails sent have the option at the bottom to stop receiving your emails.


CREATE A KILLER LIST (You most likely have a great list already…)

Add all current and past clients to your email list. Go through all records, billing statements, receipts, emails, business cards, etc. Unless they are dead or ill-willed, add all names and emails to your list.

Now add all vendors, past and present. They want you to succeed as they have a vested interest in you staying in business and being profitable.

Add any followers from your social media sites (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook.); import their email data over to your email list.

Add anyone that has ever inquired about your services, but has yet to do business with you.

Website visitors. Add an opt-in box and/or a pop-up to your website to capture their identity. Offer something, such as a free consultation, white paper or subscription to a newsletter as an enticement for their email.

Add the emails of any members of any groups that you belong to, such as the local chamber, Rotary, BNI etc.

If you have purchased any legal email lists, add these names.

Friends & Family. Yes, they should receive your emails as well. This is a great source of word-of-mouth.

Now start adding the emails of hose that you meet at trade shows, community events, seminars, etc. Follow up and remind them that you exist.


Create a custom email to your current clients – an email to your current customers, explaining that it’s a privilege for someone to be your customer.


Most people get it wrong. They beg for customers. A great way to get referral business that we’ve developed is to write a letter to your current customers, explaining that it’s a privilege for someone to be your customer.


Example Email


Dear [Client].


I just wanted to say that I enjoy doing business with you more than any other clients I work with – and I realized that you associate with other amazing people, like yourself – friends and vendors who mirror your values and qualities.


I’m writing as a service to alert you to the fact that my consulting practice is getting extremely full, and I’ll only be able to accept maybe a dozen or so more businesses.


You obviously know the exact people I prefer working with that you’d like to extend to them the opportunity of referring your valued and trusted associates to you.


I would prefer your referrals to any other source of customers or clients.


For example: We helped [insert another client’s name] tremendously since they started with us [specifics – Help the customer or client see a clear picture of who in their lives could benefit most effectively, and naturally, from your services or products.]


In fact you may know several businesses just like this…[Show them what that person or entity would be doing or buying right now—so that the picture is vivid]


But before I accept new people from the outside, I want to alert you, because if you would like to refer any of your associates or friends to me, I’ll give you first priority. I ask only that you don’t dally.


Give me a call and register their names so I’ll know how many spaces I should reserve for you. I appreciate your business.





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