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Article Marketing – How Important is a Title For Your Business Article?

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Article Marketing – How Important is a Title For Your Business Article?

You can create a good quality article, but if your title is no good then you are wasting your time. If your article title is not compelling enough to entice your visitor to read any further, then all your efforts on writing fantastic article body content has been in vain. So please remember this.

The big advantage marketing articles have over other marketing tactics is, you have already attracted a targeted market with a good title. This is why your reader has visited your website. A common misconception about business articles online is that readers just happen to come across your online article. This is not so in most cases, you see people do not browse online as they would say, browse in a bookshop or library.

They have already entered the keywords for the specific topic that they are interested in, so that is the topic that they want to read about. This is another reason why your title is so important, and should be constructed to stand out from the rest of the titles on the internet.

You also want your business articles to be highly visible by the search engines how do you do this, the first thing is with a good descriptive title. You also want an interesting and well written article body content, but the very first thing to catch the search engines attention is a good title.

The success of your article will depend on the use of relevant keywords in your title, these keywords should be placed at the beginning of your title if possible. You could place, say two keywords at the beginning and perhaps another different keyword in the middle or end of your title. This is about right if you are using a long tail keyword title.

The number of keywords would depend on the length of the title. If you use a long tail keyword title this should be no problem. If it is a short title use less keywords maybe one or two remember not to over use keywords, the search engines do not like it and it will harm your engine placement.

Not only does over use of keywords affect your search engine placement, it can make your title look spammy and confusing. So remember use keywords wisely.

Another tactic you should use to make your article title successful and stand out is, the use of imaginative and humorous words. You should remember that no matter what words you use they should always make sense and be on topic. Do not use characters such as quotes asterisks, exclamation marks etc, just make your title easy to understand.

Learn how to use the proper relevant keywords in your title, you can research keywords using a keyword research tool. There are plenty of keyword research tools to be found online, some paid, some free, all you have to do is pick one that suits you. There is no big secret to having a successful article marketing strategy and writing a good enticing business article title. As it has been said before it is important to have a creative and keyword rich title, so spend time on creating a good one. Good luck.

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