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Article Marketing Secrets – How to Increase Article Views by at Least 200% With Niche Keyword Titles

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Article Marketing Secrets – How to Increase Article Views by at Least 200% With Niche Keyword Titles

If you want to drive more targeted traffic using article marketing to your website, you must learn how to increase your article views. It all starts with a web visitor choosing to click on your article title, and then reading the entire article. With low article views, you will get very few clicks. Here is how you can boost your article views by at least 200% using niche keyword titles.

First, understand what is a niche. A niche is a narrower market segment that you have chosen. For example, “bathroom vanities” may be a profitable market to target. But you can drill deeper and write articles about “show systems”. You can go even deeper and write about the different types of shower systems. This is the concept. So how you implement this concept?

Very often, how many page views you get for your articles depend on the article title. Consider this title:

“Shower system configuration”

This is not a good title to use because the title is too vague. It doesn’t help to draw the reader in. What is your article really about? For such articles, the reader often leaves the web page when he finds that the content doesn’t contain the information that he is looking for. So let’s try improving on this title a little.

How about using titles that also convey the promise of the article?

“Shower system configuration – How to design a shower system”

This is a better article title. It has a promise, and a web reader knows what to expect from the article if he clicks on the link and visits the web page. The article shows the reader how to design a shower system. It’s a straight forward promise. Be sure to fulfill the promise by providing a practical guide. Don’t go off-topic and start recommending products in the article body.

You can go one step further and improve on this title because it’s not really keyword rich. How about this:

“Shower system configuration – All about shower heads, hand showers, and body sprays”

This is a much better article title. It contains the primary keywords, the article promise, and other related keywords. Visitors may find your article when they use keywords like “shower heads configuration”, “hand showers system”, “body sprays showers” and so on.

Crafting a good keyword rich article title takes some practice. But if you write articles on a daily basis, you will soon get the hang of it.

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