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Article Writing – How Using Keywords In Your Titles Will Help People Find You In The Search Engines

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Article Writing – How Using Keywords In Your Titles Will Help People Find You In The Search Engines

Writing articles daily will get you in the practice of writing. You can then submit these articles to the article directories so that people can easily find you and your topic on Google and the other large search engines. Titles become the most important part of your article when it comes to being found by your keywords. Here are 3 ways to find out which keywords will work best for you.

  • Figure out what your keywords are. These are the words people use when they are searching for information on your topic. If you are not sure what keywords to use, visit blogs and websites that are similar to what you are doing on the internet. Then right click on these sites and go to view source. This will enable you to see which keywords they have chosen and will give you some good ideas about which ones to focus on when you are writing.
  • Begin your article title with your keywords, followed by the benefit of what you are writing about, and then end the title with keywords as well. This will make for a long, keyword rich article that will rank high in the search engines. For example, if you are writing an article about how to race your bicycle, your title may be something like Bicycle Racing – 7 Tips on How To Race Your Bicycle. This gives you some keywords, then some benefits, and then more keywords.
  • Focus on a few keywords and then write as many articles as you can, using these words in your article title. Within a short time, sometimes in less than a month, you will see your articles come up in the search engines on pages 1, 2, or 3.

Write as many articles as possible so that you will have the best chance of being found for your niche market. This will help you to build a business online is the shortest time possible.

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Author: Connie Ragen Green
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