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I’ll Bet These Three Mistakes Are Costing You Thousands!

In this post, I’m going to cover three mistakes that cost B2B Marketing Firms Thousands upon Thousands of Dollars. Keep Reading!

B2B Internet Marketing Agency Services

B2B Internet Marketing Agency Services

In this digital age, modern consumers have become incredibly media savvy. The only way to connect is through honest and transparent communications.

World Class Media is the reliable business-to-customer or B2B marketing agency to launch your online visibility with transparent, time-tested proven practices and without compromising integrity. We will maximize your exposure, solidify & grow your customer base and ultimately increase profits, sales and revenue.

Three B2B Marketing Mistakes

Viral-Marketing-HoleHow would you like to know three little mistakes that could be causing you up to 500% less Revenue and Conversions on Your Website? Well in this article I will paint a perfect picture for you and provide you with the Solutions to these invisible website holes.

Aha! It is the invisible holes that are the hardest to see – because they do not draw any attention to themselves – but I will make them clear as daylight. (Keep reading)

Viral Marketing Black Hole #1 – “Failure To Capture Identities”

Ahhh the wisest SEO’s among us know that Traffic without conversion is worthless. Let me take it a step further – You could be getting millions of visits without making a dime – or getting one phone call. Sometimes you see websites that are just Gibberish and Keywords strewn that make no sense – they seem like they are written in another language. That is not SEO – that is a joke. A junk site that is SEO optimized is just junk site with more traffic – and they may click – but they won’t stay for long…

What’s the Solution: A good article – with a great call to action – or a pop-up with great products. Especially an important download that your public would actually want. Give away great FREE Stuff – and all your visitors need to give in exchange is their identity – if your site and download are good enough – people will not mind giving their information.

Tired of Fishing for Clients? Change Your Strategy… (More After This Video)

Viral Marketing Black Hole #2 – “Failure To Follow Up”



Say you did capture their identity? Ahhh but here comes the second invisible Black Hole. Many visitors may not be ready for your product yet – or maybe they are waiting for that huge check that is in the mail. But they came – they saw – and they left. You got their address – but then what? Are you following up? Are you continuing to interest them in your services. A major survey done showed that the amount of follow-up needed to close a deal has increased dramatically – sometimes it can take 18 repeat messages to finally get someone to buy. Are you going the distance?

The Solution: An automatic email campaign to keep them interested in your product – or a Newsletter at the very least. But something to continually remind them of what they are missing by not working with you – and continually grab their attention.

Viral Marketing Gaping Hole #3 – “Post Purchase or Conversion Follow-up” AKA Referral Marketing

Let us hypothetically say that you are doing number 1 (Capturing The Identity Adequately) and number 2 (Following Up Efficiently). Well – are you getting referrals? Specifically – are you asking your pleased clients to tell others? Are you asking them to leave reviews?

Once upon a time, it used to be – Had you seen a good post-card or good “looking” item on TV or heard it on the Radio – you might have bought it. This is no longer the case. Some engineers at Google found that the Internet introduced a whole new Pillar or Column in the Universal Buying cycle – People are actually investigating the Truth on a given item before they buy. These engineers wrote a book – called ZMOT or (The Zero Moment of Truth) which discusses this new step in the buying cycle.

Viral Marketing Black Hole

Viral Marketing Black Hole

The Solution? Simple! Just ask. Just send a follow-up email – or call asking satisfied, happy clients to leave reviews or tell their friends. Additionally – make it really easy for people to share their good experiences. That my friend, is how you kick off viral products…

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Are there some mistakes you know of that other B2B Marketing Companies are making?

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