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Band Promotion Tips – Be Heard to Promote Your Band

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Band Promotion Tips – Be Heard to Promote Your Band

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Band promoters work rigorously on band promotion and promoting your music. However, most of the time new and unsigned bands simply don’t have the funds to hire a band manager or a band promoter. But don’t fret, this article will give you some promotion tips that you can begin to implement almost immediately.

Be a Blogger

If you’ve never blogged, then now is a great time to start. Blogging is a big part of promotion. Talk to any promoter and he or she will tell you it’s true. Most if not all successful artists have a blog. You should too. On your blog you will promote your music, run contests and interact with your fans. So don’t underestimate the value of a blog.

Podcast Your Music

How many times have you heard another band via a podcast? Many times more than likely. The best place to upload your music is a place called “The Podsafe Music Network”. Simply visit websites that support bands like yours and get your music on their site. Buy giving away your music, you will create a following. You’ll also be able to link that site to your blog and drive more traffic to your blog that way. Again, this is something that a band promoter would do, but for now the promotion is up to you.

Submit Your Music To Review Sites

Let’s face it, you’re not going to get your first CD on the front page of Rolling Stone, but you can submit your songs to smaller magazines online or indie magazines. This task is often overlooked by unsigned artists, but it is necessity for promotion. What this will do is give those review sites a chance to hear your music and comment on it. These small magazines usually have thousands of readers, so they can be a very powerful promotion technique.

Band promotion is an essential key to your success. So until you can afford to hire a band manager or a band promoter make sure you develop a good marketing plan on how to promote your band.

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Author: Shane M. M. Boyd
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