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Convert Your PowerPoint to Podcast

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Convert Your PowerPoint to Podcast

Podcast benefits more audiences in visual and auditory ways rather than text content. It’s not a balk that everyone can make PowerPoint to podcast without professional equipment or skills. To play podcast presentations, you get to convert your presentations to videos compatible with portable devices. PowerPoint to podcast converters expand your potential customers and increases your website traffic.

The use of PowerPoint files can’t be limited to presentation and demonstration in the form of PPT, PPTX, or PPS. In fact, you can easily convert PowerPoint to video podcast since PowerPoint allows you to add animation and audio files into it. You may turn your PowerPoint presentation to video with PowerPoint to podcast converter so that you can upload video to media host site or blog for sharing.

At the very start, you might be confused how to make it. Here are some suggestions for you so that you can make your PowerPoint to podcast ideas for different purposes.

  1. Online presentation for promotion. Introduce something in detail to your customers and explain how to use it.
  2. Tutorials for training. Make training video podcast for new employees.
  3. Announcements and news. Release industry news or some important statement for your company, association or social groups.
  4. Distance education. Convert your PowerPoint courseware to video so your students can watch your lesson online.
  5. Individual activity for entertainment. It can be family party or holiday photo slideshow. Anything full of fun is OK.

It’s far away from creating a great and impressive PowerPoint video podcast with only good PowerPoint Skills. The content and expression of your PowerPoint also govern the quality of your podcast. To ensure your PowerPoint slides can be still attractive and highly appreciated after converting to video podcast, here are some tips for better performance of your PowerPoint to podcast.

  1. Keep your presentation nice-looking. The first impression to your audience is very important, so at the very beginning you should design your PowerPoint in simple and harmonious styles. Pay more attention to the collocation of your text, background and image.
  2. Avoid from unusual fonts. Many people like to decorate their presentations with some unique fonts. It looks quite great but sometimes they can be a load once you convert PowerPoint to video podcast. Those fonts enlarge the file size and slow down the converting process, so clean and tidy fonts are welcome.
  3. Prepare a good microphone. The importance of narration in podcast is absolutely noticeable. A microphone in good quality can help you to record narration clearly and smoothly without boring starting over again and again. It’s worthy and necessary to get a good microphone for efficiency.

At last you will get two simple ways to convert PowerPoint to podcast. One is to use PowerPoint to video converter to convert your PowerPoint presentation to video podcast. In this way, you have many choices during the output setting like inserting back ground music and choosing up to 130 kinds of output video files. Another is to upload your PowerPoint to slideshow hosting sites which allow people to watch your presentation podcast online.

Let’s start PowerPoint to podcast and enjoy the gems it brings to you.

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