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Custom Promotional Products Are So Much Cheaper

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Custom Promotional Products Are So Much Cheaper

According to the Advertising Specialty Institute, custom promotional products, also called ad specialties or giveaways, are more effective than television commercials and print advertising. Compared with other forms of advertising such as TV ads, national magazine ads, and radio commercials, custom promotional products are so much cheaper when assessed in terms of cost per impression. According to research group Nielsen Media, CPI for a custom giveaway is at $0.004, compared to magazine and newspaper ads at $0.0129 to $0.033, and radio and TV spots, ranging from $0.005 to $0.019.

Aside from being cheaper than the usual forms of advertising, custom promotional products have been found to build good rapport with clients and prospects. Many people who were asked about their experience with gifts and premiums admit that they are more likely to consider buying from or doing business with a company that has given them custom promotional products. Others say that they remember a company that has given them a logo-imprinted item they can keep. And we can’t help but agree. Ask a person what brand name comes to mind when you mention common nouns like “toothpaste” or “soap” or “shampoo,” and chances are high that the first brand name that this person recalls is one that has worked consistently on building its visibility across many mediums, ad specialties included.

One of the many reasons custom promotional products are effective in building brand recall is that they are used frequently. From custom bags to promotional pens, logo mugs to personalized T-shirts and caps, these promotional items are used repeatedly. You see people using their favorite pens to jot down notes at school, in the office, at home, or even in financial establishments. People bring their logo bags everywhere they go, and the bags end up being seen by many others. In fact, one study found that of all types of custom promotional products, bags offer the most logo exposure.

With the many advantages promotional items offer, small companies now have an advertising medium that puts them on the same page as the large corporations. So who says the business world isn’t fair?

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