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Custom Video Production For Lawyers – An Effective Marketing Approach

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Custom Video Production For Lawyers – An Effective Marketing Approach

Vancouver-based science-fiction writer William Gibson has famously said: “The future is already here. It is just unevenly distributed.” Nowhere is this more accurate than with information about the law, lawyers and law firms. The time has long gone when there were “family lawyers”, or only a few lawyers in a town. Now, 3 out of 4 people find their lawyers online and that number is increasing. This is a clear indication of the need for custom video production for lawyers.

It is no longer sufficient just to possess a website. Websites that are cold, static, dull, uninformative and do not invite engagement, are obstacles, not help, to lawyers. To possess a successful website, lawyers must identify where their potential clients are and place themselves and their services right there. How to get this done? Video on the website for starters, and then making certain the website and the video show up in searches. Video allows the lawyers not only to convey their marketing concept, but enables viewers to discover, perceive, and determine whether the lawyer inspires assurance and knows what he is talking about.

High quality video provides a lawyer and the firm in a professional and competent light. The lawyers can appear with the characteristics most likely to entice and engage clients. The client recognizes, learns and “meets” the lawyer. The client does not have to book a tentative “get to know you” interview. Lawyer video production is a must if you wish to get in on among the latest and most effective lawyer marketing strategies on the internet.

Legal services have typically been offered in response to an event. For example, an employee is fired. A company launches a take-over bid. It is time to register a trademark or a patent. And, of course, this still happens. The client meets one-on-one with a lawyer and is charged based on time. But according to Richard Susskind who wrote The End of Lawyers (2008), tomorrows legal services will be characterized by proactive information. They will be pragmatic, useful, empowering and have a business focus.

So a good video for a lawyer would provide useful and helpful information. For psychological explanations we do not want to get into here, the more information you give, the more calls you will receive! You can do a video by yourself. But you will need more time than you probably have to produce a strategy, a script, rent equipment, arrange lighting, shooting, and sound. And then you have the editing: inserting transitions between scenes, color correcting, adding graphics, and music. And that is only the start. Now that there is footage, it must be rendered to a Quick Time or Flash file, compressed, uploaded. Finally, people must find it. So there is SEO (search engine optimization), “tagging”, “keywords”, blogging, tweeting, and so on.

You need to begin the concept of video production for lawyers by choosing a reputable video company which has a confirmed history of producing high-quality professional videos that are one of a kind and interesting. The video company may even showcase and blog about your video on its own website. Remember that creating a well-orchestrated video, with an expert video producer or video production company makes all the difference in the world. You could plan several videos for one shooting, which would be cost-effective over time: an introductory video to your firm, educational videos on your area of focus, and videos that inform about process or procedure. Solicitors should start acknowledging that video production is an effective approach of bringing clients to their sites and motivating them to get in touch with the lawyer.

Move with the times, use this new technology, and get your message out there!

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