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Dan Kennedy’s Newest Book Just Released

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Dan Kennedy’s Newest Book Just Released

Why not 2X, 3X or 4X your business’ customers, clients or patients this year without more external advertising or marketing and proliferate expense? There is a science of Internal Marketing, presented in my newest book, NO B.S. GUIDE TO MAXIUM REFERRALS AND CUSTOMER RETENTION, co-authored with Shaun Buck of Most settle for whatever retention and referrals they get or feel entitled to by excellent quality or service but are poorly rewarded or make random, erratic and/or clumsy attempts at asking for referrals. There is a better way! An organized, systematic, comprehensive approach to manage retention and multiply avatar customers. This book concisely and clearly lays out that master-plan, along with its all important ‘money math class’, plentiful examples, and extra “how-we-do-it” chapters from five diverse, exceptionally successful business owners listed below. There are also a number of extra resources available free, at web sites presented only in this book. It is loaded with show-n-tell examples and case histories.

I have long been known as an ‘Advertising Guy’, but have been equally focused on and effective at creating extraordinarily high Lifetime Customer Value in my business and clients’ businesses, and at developing complete Internal Marketing Systems for varied businesses that substantially increase referrals. Members of different business groups have paid from several hundred dollars each for Internal Marketing System Kits prepared me, to several thousand dollars each to be in seminars where I presented these methods. Now, for the first time, I have laid out the most evolved and up-to-date Internal Marketing System in a book – at just the right time, when costs of new customer obtainment through external means are skyrocketing. Keeping and cloning good customers may well mean the difference between a pay raise or a pay cut for you! Go to amazon,, your Barnes & Noble store or other preferred bookseller and get this new book now, for yourself, your marketing team, and as certain to be appreciated gifts for key clients.

Here are the other contributors to this groundbreaking book: Dr. Dustin Burleson, Keith Lee, Susie Nelson, Craig Proctor and Partiv Shah. Dr. Burleson on holding events for referrals. Lee on customer service that stimulates referrals. Nelson on getting way outside the box, to do referral marketing based on a direct selling model. Proctor, with a 3-Step System for Steady Stream of referrals. Shah showing off “magic devices” that boost referrals. All things combined, the achievable objective is your own Endless Chain Of Referrals. Every customer begetting at least another customer, etc., etc., etc., forevermore. Click here to order it now!

Also, very recently released and available, my No B.S. Guide to DIRECT-RESPONSE Social Media, co-authored with Kim Walsh-Phillips. This is the only book on social media with a tough, pragmatic, direct-response orientation. It hit not one but two amazon bestseller lists (small business; and: tech) in its premiere month. If you haven’t read it, and you spend any money or time with social media, you are way behind!

By the way, Kim and I will both be presenting brand new presentations at the upcoming GKIC SuperConference, which also features celebrity entrepreneur Rick Harrison of TV’s Pawn Stars, and a host of offline and online marketing experts. Shaun Buck, co-author of the new Referrals book will also be on site and accessible, and there will be a book signing reception for both books. For SuperConference info, go to Time is short, and final registration discounts are soon expiring.

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