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Dan Kennedy’s Undisclosed Secret to Success

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Dan Kennedy’s Undisclosed Secret to Success

People often wonder exactly how Dan Kennedy has helped transform so many businesses into million-dollar income producers.

Not to mention how many businesses he’s sparked income improvement in. Especially when you look at the wide and diverse range of product and service categories he’s worked with…everything from professional practices such as doctors, dentists, financial advisors and chiropractors to auto repair shops, retail stores and restaurants to info-products, authors, consultants and coaches.

Why do they wonder?  They usually want to know how they can have the same kind of success in their business.

Well, the one thing Dan Kennedy attributes most of his success to is his ability to write persuasive, compelling copy.

And while I agree, I also contend that there is another simple thing Dan does that has greatly impacted the level of his success.

It’s something that anyone can do. But, shockingly…only a very tiny percentage of the population actually does it.

In fact, even after reading this, you’d be surprised at how many people won’t follow this simple advice.

The proof I have that this one simple thing is a big part of Dan’s success formula is that the most successful people I know all do this. And, Dan teaches that this is critical to get things “right.”

In fact, if you want to be successful, I believe you could greatly accelerate the process by following Dan’s example.

What is it that Dan and the upper echelon do that most don’t?

They ask questions.

Sure as an author, coach, consultant, and speaker Dan gets paid to talk and give advice. His written words have earned him millions of dollars and his advice has created over a billion dollars in revenue for those who have followed it.

However, before Dan dispenses advice to a client, GKIC member, or coaching group, he asks questions…

And then he shuts up and focuses all his attention on listening.

In fact, he won’t utter a word of advice until after he’s asked questions.

He also has a long history of seeking out the biggest achievers. Dan surrounds himself with them and always has—even in his earliest days. In the midst of these achievers he’s always asking questions, listening and taking notes.

And you’ll find when you meet him during our big events such as Super Conference℠ and Info-SUMMIT℠ that he doesn’t talk much. You might even describe him as quiet or reserved because he doesn’t go on about how great he is or how he’s accomplished this or that—which he most certainly could do. Instead he tends to listen.

Sure, he offers advice, but only when asked.

When I have business meetings with Dan, he doesn’t barrel in with advice…instead he leads with a question about our results, approach, target audience, goals, etc.

Such a simple formula, yet so many don’t utilize it.

I believe this is due to a couple of reasons.

One, I think people are embarrassed. Somehow we’ve been taught to believe that not knowing the answer to something or asking a question that in our minds isn’t “good enough” will make a negative impression.

Of course, now that you know that the smartest people ask questions, this should no longer apply. But if you are still feeling that way, then asking your question one on one rather than in front of a large group might help your anxiety or embarrassment.

Another reason is that sometimes people feel uncertain about what to ask. While you will get better at this with practice, you might have a list of go-to questions you use. For example, you’ve probably heard Dan say that the wealthiest, most successful people he meets are always asking people what books they are reading.

Before attending a convention, networking or other big event, take the time to jot down three of the biggest challenges you are facing in your business or life. Then frame your questions around these.

For example, let’s say you own a brick and mortar retail store and your number one goal is to raise the amount of your average transaction. When you attend Super Conference℠ you might ask everyone you meet what they are doing to increase transaction amounts with their customers. When you do this, you are bound to find ideas that will work in your business too.

Or perhaps there is something specific you want to learn how to do such as mobile marketing or purchase direct mail lists. You could ask people if they’ve had a successful experience using mobile marketing. If they say yes, then ask if they have advice for someone starting out about what to do or what not to do.

By having a pre-defined list of what you want to know about, you’ll find it much easier to ask questions and get answers to your most pressing concerns.

While you can learn from anyone, you’ll excel the fastest by seeking out and asking questions to the most successful people in the room. And you’ll be a better author, coach, consultant, info-marketer, retailer, professional, etc. when you seek to understand and clarify your client or customer’s problem first through questions before you diagnosis or dispense advice.

So ask questions and listen. Take notes. And then use the answers to accelerate your path to higher success. You might be surprised what a difference this formula makes in your business and life—and what a big advantage you’ll have because so few actually use it.

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