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Digital Video Disc

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Digital Video Disc

Digital video disc or digital versatile disc abbreviated as DVD is one of the most popular optical disc storage media today. Its immediate predecessor VCD (Video cd) was a decent format for video data. Usually people prefer DVD to VCD because VCD has less storage capability (600-700MB) which limits the number of pixels and decibels a movie can burn in. A DVD can store a data of 1.36GB to 15.9GB.


It is a physical manufacturing of your DVD from scratch raw materials. The DVD master content is transferred on to a smooth glass master by etching the data into it with a laser. Then manufacturing equipment is used to press DVD content into molten poly carbonate plastic, plastic rings with DVD coating.


DVD uses 650mm wavelength laser to etch on the media surface. They are in such a way that they allow laser to write data so tiny, so that it can accommodate more data.


Consider a project that requires less than 1000 pieces or has many different masters; the most cost effective method is to have the project duplicated. Duplication is the process of recording information into blank DVD’s often called burning because a laser is used to heat a chemical dye in the disc. Literally burn marks are to be read as data. Using large duplication towers we can burn many discs at once which increase the speed and accuracy. Loading and unloading discs can be automated using robotic duplication. The entire duplication just requires 24 hours.


Printed DVD’s provide completely a smooth laminated finish. This includes the production of stunning labels, attractive text and fully colored photo realistic images with dense field of color of on DVD’s.


Packaging is generally termed into 2 groups.

1. standard packaging
2. creative packaging

Standard packaging includes the standard CD jewel case, slim jewel case, clam shells, ejector case, DVD case and plastic wallets which fall under the mailing and storage category.

Creative packaging includes the digipak, printed card wallets, mail packs, 3 packs, slipcases, and more. These are created mostly from card and can be printed, or glass laminated and even embossed.


The mastering of DVD is comparable to that of CD. The only difference is that thanks to fixer engraving it is possible to store 7 to 25 times more data on a CD of same diameter. By engraving 2 layers of data, one on top on the other, on each side of DVD it becomes possible to store up 9.4GB of information.

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