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E-commerce SEO Secrets – The Problem and Solution…

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E-commerce SEO Secrets – The Problem and Solution…

Google changes their algorithm over 500 times per year.  Almost twice a day.

With Google’s “Freshness” and  “Panda” algorithm updates specifically focusing on duplicate content, it has become more important than ever to have good unique content on every page of your website.

The Problem:

Many e-commerce stores carry the same products: Walmart and Best Buy both carry the same flatscreen TVs by  Sony,  Panasonic, LG, Samsung, Visio, etc. So the pages of these e-commerce websites  have similar or identical content, products, and more; for example if you carry Sony products you are very likely going to have Sony’s feed and identical description on your site. Same goes for all major popular products and brands.

Identical Products - SEO Services

Identical Products - SEO Services

So if you have identical vendor descriptions across your site – you are virtually competing with thousands of other e-commerce sites on the Internet for the exact same keywords and search terms – so your SEO has to be that much better.

This is where the phrase “least imperfect SEO” comes into play. In other words: Every SEO benefit you can possibly get is vital. Links, Content and Architecture. Your site has to be that much better or else you fall off page-one into the unknown.

The solution:

1. World Class Media scans your entire site with our own proprietary content spider to get your content as close to ideal as possible.

2. In depth complete keyword research across all products on your site.

3. What we do is add optimized content to every store  item based on SEO best practices and exact keywords and fix imperfect meta and code.

SEO Company Identical Products

Company SEO Identical Products

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