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Easy Come. Easy Go. Why Some People Can’t Hang On To Money & What To Do Instead

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Easy Come. Easy Go. Why Some People Can’t Hang On To Money & What To Do Instead


Nine years ago, Sharon Tirabassi cashed a $10.5 million check after winning the Lotto.

A recent story says that Tirabassi blew through all of her money and now lives paycheck to paycheck, riding a bus to work.

We’ve all read stories about lottery winners going from rolling in dough to being dead broke again. In fact, I recently read that 70 % of lottery winners lose or spend all of their money in five years or less.

But it’s not just lottery winners that can’t hang on to their money.

There are people who seem to hit financial problems again and again. They get in a lot of debt, pay it off and somehow end up in major debt again.

Or you see the person who has an excellent start to a new opportunity, but then it suddenly heads south.

Why does this happen? Is it just bad luck?

The good news is that it has nothing to do with luck. It has to do with the way you think about wealth and your beliefs about it. These are imperative to achieve lasting success and wealth.

Simply put, there are behaviors that repel wealth, and that is, how many people behave.

There are also behaviors that attract wealth. If you behave a certain way you will be magnetic to opportunity, money and wealth.

So if your thinking, beliefs and behavior aren’t in alignment with how wealthy people think, then the chances are your wealth will be short-lived and you will lose it.

Of course, it’s not surprising that most people do things to repel wealth. After all, for many, what they’ve  been taught about money, opportunity and wealth was told to them by people without wealth.

You see most of what you’ve learned about wealth is from the people you’ve associated with your whole life, such as your parents, siblings and lifelong friends. These people have opinions about money and wealth and they are the opinions you’ve probably heard the most often.

Ask yourself; are most of the people you associate with and have associated with for most of your life wealthy?

If the answer is no, then it should come as no surprise that a big key to your success is to get your beliefs and behaviors in sync with the way wealthy people think and behave.

Here are three tips for changing your financial dial to wealthy:

Acknowledge that your thinking and beliefs need adjustment. When it comes to any problem, the first step is to be aware and acknowledge the problem exists. Changing your lifelong beliefs and behaviors is bound to feel uncomfortable at first. Acknowledging that you need to change will make the transition much easier.

Understand the principles of how money moves.  This isn’t like diet and exercise, where you think you know what you need to do and you just need to do it. No, you need to truly understand what makes money move from one person to the next. Many wrongly believe that if they just work a little harder—if they just get that degree or certificate or credential—or if they become a better person—that money will flow in their direction. This is not the case and if you don’t understand the laws of how money moves, you’ll continue to put up a wall between yourself and wealth.

Condition yourself for wealth. Just as your body must be conditioned for health, your mind must be conditioned to attract wealth. Dan Kennedy suggests that even if you aren’t living an affluent lifestyle yet, that you immerse yourself in expanded awareness of what it is like and how many people are living it. Take field trips to where the rich hang out. Observe how money flows.   

It all comes down to this: You have to change your wealth programming.

Here at GKIC we talk a lot about strategy. There is indeed a strategy component to getting wealthy and very practical things you can do to put yourself in the right position to attract wealth. Don’t get me wrong, strategy is a critical component to wealth, but it’s not the only one.

If you don’t change your beliefs and behaviors regarding money, you’re setting yourself up to struggle financially, no matter how much money you make.

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Source: Dan Kennedy