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Escape The Comfort Zone!

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Escape The Comfort Zone!

Every business superstar and entrepreneurial expert knows the importance of networking.

Not only can it help towards constructing a jam-packed list full of super-hot leads, but you never know where you’re going to meet your next business partner… or successor, if you’re looking to pass the torch and retire in luxury!

This is the ‘comfort zone’ for a lot of people. For others, not so much. Attending events and mingling with like-minded people can be daunting for those who are less confident, but this is a prime opportunity to really boost your profile both personally AND professionally.

‘Events’ can include a number of different scenarios; from seminars to workshops, to parties, conferences and product launches, they are all ripe with brilliant business minds, all there to meet others and exchange personal and professional experiences.

Take Jimmy Fallon. In just five years he progressed from a mere cast member of Saturday Night Live in 1998 to becoming a fully-fledged host of NBC’s The Tonight Show, with blockbuster appearances in films such as Taxi, Arthur and the Invisibles and The Year Of Getting To Know Us along the way.

How did he do it?

SNL’s producer Marci Klein took a liking to Fallon, and recommended he try and break into the show’s creator, Lorne Michaels’, inner circle at the after-parties. By stepping out of his comfort zone and going fully-loaded into thanking Michaels after every show, Fallon’s mingling efforts eventually paid off and the two struck up a unique friendship, which has helped Fallon throughout his career.

It pays to have friends in high places.

Networking has a number of benefits, some of which I will go on to discuss. It’s all well and good confining yourself to your office and reading up on everything you can to do with being a successful business owner, but that can get kind of lonely, right? Plus, how will you ever know what’s working for others?

For starters, networking helps keep your head in the game when it comes to current business trends. Gathering important information at events that are specifically tailored to your industry can push you strides ahead of your competitors. Sometimes, knowing the current trends but hesitating to act on them can also be rewarding. Knowledge is power! Your competitor may try something and it might fall flat on its face. Then you know what NOT to do.

Looking to expand your team? Is your business growing so rapidly that you need a few more bodies to get the job done? Going to events and getting to know different people is a great way to recruit your next marketing assistant, copywriter or even managerial position, for example. Holding conversations with prospective employees provides you with a golden opportunity to get your needs and team culture across, which in turn gives the recruit a chance to weigh up their ability with regards to your vacancy.

Need referrals? Again, moving around at events and introducing yourself to new people can be rewarding for your business, especially if you come across someone who has a problem that you can solve. Not only may you secure them as your next client, but they might just refer you across to someone else they know with a similar problem. Show me the money!

Now for the big reason. The reason why we at GKIC host events like these, full of knowledge, fun, exclusive activities and fresh tool and strategies…

To learn. Learning is something that should be a continual journey throughout your career. Attending events gives you the opportunity to absorb the insider information being shared with you by motivational speakers, marketing hotshots and business bigwigs… especially if they’re from the same ballpark as you are. What wisdom they impart may be just the key to unlocking a whole new revenue stream within your business.

Every year we put on several key events that are designed to help our members get PREMIUM access to the best words of wisdom in small business marketing today, on the topics that significantly boost sales. This year we not only have Info Summit to look forward to, but also our two upcoming events:

1. F-A-S-T Implementation Bootcamp

So many hats, so little time! If ONLY there was a way to implement your next BIG profit-making idea AWAY from the day-to-day distractions that drag you down!

Look no further. Buckle up and get ready to kick some ass at GKIC’s F-A-S-T Implementation Bootcamp, where you’ll learn shortcuts to success, campaigns and funnels that are proving to get results RIGHT NOW, and above all you’ll discover how to DO rather than just theory. It’s time to TAKE ACTION, for 2 days straight where you can really stay focused.

Check out our FULLY LOADED Bootcamp agenda here.

2. SuperConference 2022

We’re offering you the chance to take part in the crucial learning experience, for three days straight under the same roof as other people just like you. Why not see who you bump into? Maybe you’ll meet someone who has the experience with technology that will fill the gap in your business?

If you’re eager to REALLY boost yourself and push your profile out there further into the depths of business ‘mingling’, then I suggest you consider attending this year’s SuperConference.

Firstly, it’s not called ‘Super’ for nothing.

Secondly, this event is renowned for drastically changing the lives of its attendees, and giving like-minded people the excuse to come together and share everything that’s working for them… and this year, it’s Growth Hacks.

What more could you possibly want?

So take my advice, drop out of that comfort zone and get mingling. People aren’t going to approach you if you stand there at the back looking like a lost soul, are they? Nor will they get talking to you if you DON’T ATTEND.

Get involved and you could make your BIGGEST business breakthrough yet!

Click Here to register <<<

You can’t learn this stuff anywhere else.

Source: Dan Kennedy