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Experts Tell All: The 20 Laws of Sales & Marketing

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Experts Tell All: The 20 Laws of Sales & Marketing

sales_and_marketing_quotesThe businesses that build valuable relationships with leads, prospects, and customers are the ones that have an inspired sales and marketing strategy. It’s one thing to follow rules and best practices, but creating brand interactions that are thoughtful, memorable, and unique is how companies like Apple have built a community of evangelists.

The problem is, ‘get inspired’ never seems to make it on to our to-do lists. There’s always another blog post to be written, one more call with a prospect to log, and one more meeting to get through. Taking time to seek out and dive into content that gets our creative juices flowing usually falls to the wayside because it doesn’t help us check off a box.

So we’ve put together this quick and easy deck full of quotes from sales and marketing thought leaders (some that will be taking the stage at #INBOUND14 next week!) that are sure to inspire. Now, you won’t need to block off an hour on your calendar to think differently because these 20 experts have synthesized some big ideas into a few tweetable thoughts. Take a minute to click through the slides below.

Feeling inspired? Help other get inspired, too, by tweeting one of these quotes:

“If people like you, they’ll listen to you, but if they trust you, they’ll do business with you.”- Zig Ziglar, Author & Speaker  (Click to Tweet)

“Don’t find customers for your product, find products for your customers.”- Seth Godin, Founder, (Click to Tweet)

“Be so good they can’t ignore you.”- Steve Martin, Actor & Musician (Click to Tweet)

“To really win in the modern age, you must solve for humans. Every process should be optimized for what is best for the customer — not your organization.”- Dharmesh Shah, Co-founder & CTO, HubSpot (Click to Tweet)

“If no one ever gets back to you, it’s because you don’t know how to pique their curiosity.” – Jill Konrath, President, Jill Konrath, Inc. (Click to Tweet)

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Source: Hubspot