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Four Ways To Get People To Like, Know, Trust…And Buy From You

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Four Ways To Get People To Like, Know, Trust…And Buy From You

“People buy people.”

These three words have stuck with me…

Since I first heard them from Nick Nanton, the nation’s leading expert of Personal Branding.

During our 2022 Super Conference, Nick reiterated what you most likely have heard before–that people buy from people they like, know and trust.

In today’s world it has never been truer. Our social culture has changed whom we admire, what we buy and how we make decisions about purchasing.

For example…

  • More people are being influenced by their relationships with companies through social media-According to a survey conducted by Market Force, 78% of respondents said that posts from companies they follow on social media impact their purchases.
  • Personal interaction affects buying decisions more than price– According to Bain & Company, a customer is more likely to defect to a competitor if the problem is service-related rather than price or product-related.
  • You are more likely to sell to a customer who already knows you– The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70%, whereas the probability of selling to a new prospect is 5-20%. (Marketing Metrics)
  • People buy based on how you make them feel– American global management consulting firm, McKinsey & Company says, “70% of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated.”

If you do it right, you will wield much greater influence if you really step out as the face of your company and lead your company in a very public way.

Here are four ways you can promote your brand, build your audience and market yourself in a public way so that people get to know, like and trust you.

1)      Be everywhere. In your zip code, community, etc. make it so people can’t escape hearing about you or seeing you.

2022 Marketer of the Year, Shaun Buck made it so that everyone was aware he was vying for Marketer of the Year. He had posters made. He gave out stickers. He had cookies to give away with a label on them. He put business cards at every seat. He had a vendor booth in the “GKIC Vendor’s Store”. All advertising “Vote for Shaun”.

In your own community, you can join groups such as the Chamber of Commerce, your local mom’s club, etc. –wherever you’ll find your target audience, you should be. Establish a relationship with your local press. Advertise in local publications. If they see you everywhere, you will build your celebrity.

What local organizations can you join and how can you make yourself “everywhere” in your market?

2)      Take a cue from reality TV stars. If you check out celebs—especially reality TV stars, they are all over social media. Like reality stars, you need to invest time in social media.  Consider having a business Facebook page, an Instagram account where you post pictures of people using your products and services, and/or a YouTube channel to post videos.

Plus you need to do something else that reality TV stars do really well…they respond.

Reality TV stars are great at building relationships with their fans. They engage with fans and answer their questions. They find out what their fans like and dislike. This makes their fans feel as if they are “friends” with the star.

By spending a few minutes each day responding to your customers on social media, you can make yourself more likeable. Also, don’t just talk about making a sale, be sure to include some fun posts and ask your customers what is on their minds.

What can you do to better engage your customers on social media?

3)      Make the buyer the hero. One of the mistakes I see business owners do is they sell too hard on the product side. It’s important to tell stories where your customer is the hero. This in turn will make them want to tell their own story. And because we are such a social society, when customers tell their own story, you and your product or service will be placed in the limelight as the solution.

For example, a dentist who makes a big deal about recognizing his patients when they get their braces off, makes his patient the hero. The patient then “tells his story” by posting pictures on social media showing his beautiful new smile.  It’s natural for their friends who aren’t happy with their smile to ask for a referral so that they too can have a beautiful smile.

How can you make your customer, client or patient the hero in your promotions?

4)      Find the news. At SuperConference 2022, Nick Nanton said, “Find the news in what you’re doing.”

Everyone has something newsworthy to report. It could be an event with your company, your personal achievements, an announcement about a partnership with a particular company, etc.

Find a compelling story and tell it. Tell it in your newsletter, on your blog, on social media and send it out in press releases. Be sure to make this in your voice or include quotes from you to make yourself the leader and “celebrity” of your company.

What are some newsworthy topics you could send a press release on this week?

Use these four tips to make yourself a bit more public. This will build your brand, attract more customers, and create a community that knows, likes and trusts you—and therefore does business with you and refers others too.

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