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Get Famous With MySpace Band Promotion

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Get Famous With MySpace Band Promotion

Today’s new generation of music has a vast variety of tastes, styles, and genres. Music has changed incredibly over the last few years, and the industry has taken a big turn. Not only are the names and faces different today than ever before, but so is their method of band promotion. Since the birth of MP3’s, music has been mainly owned in digital form. Hard drives all over the world now exist in place of CD racks, and it is only getting bigger. So now the music industry is faced with a new way to promote their bands since the public doesn’t visit record stores anymore. Many artists now find MySpace to be the biggest and most successful way to promote bands all over the world. Even though MySpace is such a huge network, there are many methods to MySpace band promotion.

MySpace band promotion has proven to be an extremely successful method of music promotion for tons of huge recording artists such as Linkin Park, Alicia Keys, and even new artists like Flo-Rida. Millions and millions of listeners each day visit their MySpace page to hear their new music. You have to realize though, that these artists are already popular without MySpace, so immediately their songs get played more than most other bands. Fortunately, there are many methods for new artists to become popular with MySpace band promotion.

One key element to having your band’s songs become successful on MySpace is how you look to potential fans. Of course your band’s profile has to be interesting. But most of all, you have to have your best music uploaded so people can hear it. The problem with this is, even your best songs can rarely get any plays which can hurt your band’s potential for promotion on MySpace. People come to your profile and see that your songs only have about 15-20 plays, and immediately think that you are just another random band trying to make it and don’t take you seriously. This is a huge obstacle to overcome and become a vicious catch 22. With no fans, you wont get plays, and you wont get plays with no fans. However, I’ve learned recently that there are secrets that the successful bands are using to become HUGE on MySpace, and even sell tons of music.

Recently I read a study involving what drives up music sales on the internet, and all points led to MySpace. But how do these artists perform successful myspace band promotion? Everyone starts out small, and many bands even started out ON MySpace. One of the ways these bands are getting fans to take them seriously is by pumping up their profile views and song plays. As a music fan, coming to a MySpace band profile and seeing that their music has 10,000+ plays, I realize that other people must be really into their music and I decide to give their songs a play. This is the key to making your music successful on MySpace. Having a huge number of song plays and profile views is just as important as having an interesting profile that stands out, it grabs the attention of your potential fans.

So the next question you might ask is how to get that many song plays and profile views? One of the biggest secrets with MySpace band promotion that all of the big stars are doing is using software like MP3 Song Plays Software like this is a huge tool for MySpace band promotion. MySpace song playing software gives any band an edge on MySpace by driving up profile views and song plays for all of your songs uploaded to MySpace. A user then will visit your profile and see that your music has been played 10,000+ times and you profile has been viewed by millions of fans. This kind of exposure can make you famous almost instantly, and it will definitely get fans to take your music seriously, or at least give it a play.

Many bands on MySpace are also using MySpace friend adding software to automatically drive up their number of friends, send out messages, and send out and comments. With a huge friend list, you can also send out bulletins to everyone which helps MySpace band promotion.

With this kind of edge, you can see how many bands and artists become famous with MySpace music promotion. Keep in mind that MySpace is only growing, so your music has the potential to reach millions of more people each day.

Paul G is an expert on social network marketing, and has helped thousands of people reach their marketing potential on MySpace.

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