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Get Rolling with Digital Video Production

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Get Rolling with Digital Video Production


The muse can come from many different places and in different shapes. Now days in the world of digital video creation everyone can be a creative pro with their own gear. Some of the kinds of videos one can produce are bachelor parties, birthday events, weddings, special events, anniversaries and so on. There are so many wonderful and creative things you can do now days with digital video production. There are a ton of great ways to learn more on using the tools needed for creating fun and interesting digital video. You can find lessons, tips, classes and magazines which will show you the ins and outs.

The education environment is not utilizing digital video production in many ways as well. Students create them in classes, teachers use them in their curriculum, giving the students a full and rich learning environment. Students can learn faster and relate quicker to this audio-visual medium. Today’s digital video equipment and tools are easy to afford and students can be guided using quality manuals and guides.

The advent of non linear editing software, powerful and yet common computers and you have the easy set up for digital video editing using software that is readily available. Both Windows and Mac computers come equipped with digital video editing software out of the box these days. You can add in the more complex and fancy packages to create fancier productions without having to go to graduate school to learn the system. The key to a good video production using digital equipment is to plan. Just like writing a paper for a class it makes sense to lay out your idea for a video production and plan it well in advance. That way you can create a work flow that makes it a snap to get from a to z in your production in no time.

Outline your idea, write a basic script, take notes while shooting, input your material in an organized fashion and then editing is a snap. If you skimp on these areas then you will spend more time scratching your head than you will laying out your fun project. It is simple if you plan.

One thing to always do in digital video production is have fun. The tools are so affordable and easy to learn that it makes sense to create and make fun video productions.

Kevin Rockwell has worked in TV production for over 25 years and now revels in the use of digital video and digital editing tools for his video production company. Stay on top of the world of digital video at Digital Video Centre. Sign up to get free digital video tips sent your box.

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