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Google Adwords Defined!

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Google Adwords Defined!

Google AdWords is the most popular pay-per-click advertising program on the Internet. It’s fairly simple to use but can accommodate anything from a one-ad-one-product setup to a complex arrangement of multiple products with multiple ads targeting different geographic regions – different times of the day – different times of the week – different languages – and various other factors.

Ahhhh Google Adwords & Bing Adwords – I need Professional Help!

If you need “Professional Help” – Most of our staff are Google and Bing Certified. We can help you target the exact demographics and keywords to hit the desired result and ROI. It not as simple as it looks – removing poor traffic driving keywords & enhancing the right keywords is a meticulous process.

Google AdWords is the first engine to charge advertisers based on a formula dependent on both a quality score & a maximum bid price. They introduced a formula where the highest bidder is not necessarily given the first position. The first position is now calculated based on a formula which is dependent on ones quality score. The quality score is dependent on various factors including the click through rate – the ad copy – the overall history – the most recent history and many more factors. The higher the quality score – the less you have to pay to maintain your high position

VIDEO Advertising – Google Adwords & Bing Adwords

Google Adwords Bing

Google Adwords Bing

Google AdWords has released a new self service campaign format specifically to build video advertising campaigns . AdWords for Online Video campaigns bring completely new video ad formats previously not seen on YouTube promoted video accounts. This guide walks you through using the new campaign interface and the new ad positions.

Adwords – in Summary:

Google AdWords and Bing Adwords provides advertising for your website – your products – or both – for which you pay on a per click basis (cost per click AKA “CPC”) or based on page views (cost per thousand CPM). Started in 2000 – with the addition of site-targeted ads in 2003 – Google Adwords features brief text ads of two content lines with a title line. Image and video ads are available for certain venues.

Google AdWords is an incredibly well-thought out & useful advertising tool.

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