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Google Places SEO – Boosting Google Maps and Local Listings’ Results

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Google Places SEO – Boosting Google Maps and Local Listings’ Results

In this article I am going to show you how re-enforcing your Google Local Listings with a GEO sitemap & a KML file can cause a great increase in your SEO results.

Google Places SEO – What’s a KML File?

What is a KML File? KML Stands for Keyhole Markup Language. An XML based file that expresses geographic annotation and visualization for earth viewing software such as Google Earth. GEO Sitemaps are sitemaps that Google Uses to determine all of the locations of your business.

Boost Your Google Places SEO with Maps, GEO Sitemaps and KML Files!

Google Local Listings
Google Local Listings

I’ll give you a step by step tutorial after this video (keep reading)

This is a summary from a great article: KML and sitemaps for SEO – The definitive guide by Martijn Beijk:

Most of you are using the Google Local Business Center. And some of you are using the bulk-upload feature. If not – and you are a business owner you should really start using it. Sign up here.

There are several ways to increase your business visibility in the Google maps search engines.
But the Local Business Center is the way to claim your business listing within the Google maps search engine & one thing you’ll know for sure – that this does drive traffic to your website.

The idea of this tutorial is to explain how to get your business data to Google in a fast & efficient – but different way by using KML. This guide is targeted at small businesses who have used the bulk-upload feature before – but from the examples shown you can get an idea for individual listings as well.

Google Places SEO – How To Do It


In a great article by Mike Ramsey called “Local Search Recipe: Making KML Files and GEO Sitemaps Are a Piece of Cake” He says:

“Last month I shared one of my favorite recipes on tracking local search data with Google Analytics for wordpress. This month I figured that one of the most uncovered and “uncooked” areas in local search marketing is KML data and the use of Geo Sitemaps. So – I decided to put together a guide to help anyone who is struggling to understand how KML/GeoSitemap + local is a win- win….win.

Approximate Bake Time:

10 minutes


1 verified Google Webmaster Account

1 FTP uploader application

1 computer (Mac preferred. PC’s tend to get sticky unless sprayed with Pam)

*½ glass of beverage

*2 slices of Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake.

*Optional ingredients for optimal experience.


First – it is important to understand what a few of these new words mean….

KML– Key Hole Markup Language (kml) is a file format used to display geographic data in an Earth browser – such as Google Maps and Bing Maps as well. You can create KML files to pinpoint locations – add image overlays – & expose rich data in new ways. KML is an international standard maintained by the Open Geospatial Consortium – Inc. (OGC).

Geo Sitemap- Google Geo Sitemaps is an extension of the Sitemap protocol that enables you to publish geospatial content (geo content) to Google – in order to make it searchable in Google Earth & on Google Maps. With Geo Sitemaps – you can tell Googlebot about your geo content – rather than waiting for Google to discover it “in the wild”.


1. Go to GeoSitemapGenerator.comwhich is a free (& amazing) tool that allows you to plug in the needed information and then download your very own copy of a geositemap and kml file.”


Google Places SEO Infographic

Google Places SEO Infographic

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