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Google Speaks Travel at HSMAI {Recap}

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Google Speaks Travel at HSMAI {Recap}

Google Travel HSMAI

Milestone joined HSMAI Chicago to learn the latest from Google Travel, Jill Kruidenier presented “Strengthen Your Digital Marketing Strategy”.  The session revolved around how people are constantly connected to technology and  how to effectively market to users throughout their digital purchase funnel.  Through the conversation “micro-moments“, mobile, dynamic content, and the importance of context were naturally inter-weaved.

Heidi Bitar, VP of Client Services, resonated with Jill’s delivery of Travel Micro Moments= Intent + Context + Immediacy.  Working with a range of hoteliers, the need of providing content specific to various points of the customer journey, type of traveler, and type of device is growing in importance. Searchers who are in the inspirational phase resonate with beautiful photos and experiences they can do while visiting.  This is very different than the content for the purchasing phase, images of the rooms and proximity to transportation hubs are more important.

Key Data and What it Means for You:

  • 59% of the US are always planning their next vacation
    • Opportunity: Provide inspirational content, allowing visitors to seek and explore
  • 80% of travelers do not book with the first hotel brand that comes to their mind
    • Opportunity: Help searchers choose you by providing the right content at the right moment, on the right device
  • 53% of searchers want to explore somewhere they have never been
    • Opportunity: Provide unique experiences, highlight off the trail promotions and specials

Mobile Specific Data:

  • 45% increase in destination related queries on mobile in 2022
    • Opportunity: Build out your “Things To Do” pages to capture extra search volume
  • 84% of leisure travelers made their final decision on mobile
    • Opportunity: Ensure mobile has updated promotions to entice more buyers
  • 33% of business travelers book hotels on mobile, 22% of leisure
    • Vast increase compared to the previous industry average of 8-10%


Special thanks to the Wyndham Grand Chicago Riverfront for hosting, and being a loyal Milestone client!

Contributed by:
Heidi Bitar, VP Client Services
Sara Linton, Product Marketing Specialist

Source: Paid Search