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Google’s +1 Plusone – implimentation and Optimization Seminar

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Google’s +1 Plusone – implimentation and Optimization Seminar

Floating Google +1 Button

Floating Google +1 Button

I Just sat through Google’s +1 implementation seminar.

I had some good takeaways that I will share – we should test these as well to see the takeaways and value:

+1 will help Organic and Paid Search results.

+1 Analytics are coming:

The +1 will be integrated into analytics within hours of adding it to your site.

NOTE: Coming soon –Other Social Network buttons (Facebook, Twitter and Delicious logos were shown on this slide) will also be integrated into Analytics (Not previously announced).

The +1 uses the canonical tag to determine what you are +1ing on similar pages. Note: In the seminar they specifically said “similar” not “identical.


There is a new +1 “explicit ” JavaScript code that will only scan a specified container to decrease load time (i.e. “content” div).

There is also a “go” JavaScript code that may allow it to load only when the +1 button is clicked (also good for Ajax sites – where content changes rapidly).

You can have multiple +1’s for different articles or sections on a single page by specifying the HREF (link) in the +1 code.


Do not buy +1’s or sell them.

However, they did say you can hide content behind a +1 button using drop-downs or collapsible div using the code to increase clicks. Idea: Exclusive videos or content for +1 clicks.


Charles Verhoeff