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Guide to Selecting the Best Digital Video Equipment!

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Guide to Selecting the Best Digital Video Equipment!

Looking for suggestions on how to set up your own video production unit? Here is a guide to selecting & buying the best digital video equipment – that includes digital camcorders, video editing hardware & software.

Whether you intend to do this as a serious hobby or you want to be a professional down the line, understanding the video creation process is recommended. You also need to know what you want to shoot. Is it going to be simple home videos… or some high quality work?

Answering these questions makes it easier for you to take the decisions around what video equipments would be needed. So here is a list of equipments you would need!

A Digital Camcorder
You cannot shoot without this equipment. The price range varies a lot, so decide if you intend to shoot home videos or want to do professional work. Look at technical factors like Firewire support, lens quality, optical zoom, still image capability, etc.

A Decent Computer
The Computer is where you will capture your video and do things like editing, adding effects, adding soundtrack, etc. and then share it for use on different media. So your computer needs to have a good configuration, factors that need to be considered include CPU, RAM, Hard disk, upgradability, Monitor size, etc.

Video Capture Device
To capture analog video (from VHS tapes), you will need an analog-to-digital conversion device to transfer the video to your computer. If it is digital video that you intend to capture, your computer will need a Firewire card to be able to transfer the video to your computer.

Video Editing Software
You can polish your video further using a video editing software program. You can add Menus, Titles, Transitions, Effects, Soundtrack, Narration, etc. Depending on the product you choose, you may be able to do customization of these effects as well.

DVD Authoring Software
The process of burning a VCD / DVD is made easier using an authoring package. They also let you make other changes like adding menus and chapters for easy navigation. But if you intend to go in for a good video editing software program, you don’t need a DVD authoring package.

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