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Happy St. Pat’s Day from Dan Kennedy

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Happy St. Pat’s Day from Dan Kennedy

As you know, there is the legend of St. Patrick driving the snakes out of Ireland, and I have a few things to say today about snakes.

It’s a land of mystery, Ireland, what with the wee people up to all their mischief and some good, thunder being leprechauns bowling in the sky, angels lookin’ after us, haunted castles, and the like. The Emerald Isle is a magical place. Romantic, poetic, lyrical. Business isn’t. Leprechauns don’t show up at night to do the leftover work. Angels don’t break our falls. Entrepreneurs are not the heroes in poetry or song.

So, back to the snakes. Everybody’s got ‘em. In their companies and businesses, in their selling, marketing and customer service practices, in their personal behaviors. In their heads. Ross Perot’s advice was sound: if you spot a snake in the building, don’t organize a committee to discuss snakes, don’t order a research study about snakes, don’t debate a snake’s rights with an animal ethicist. Grab a club and beat the damn thing to death.

People think of me as a ‘marketing guy’, but actually, much of my life has been about driving snakes out more than bringing customers in. In part, because the snakes are often in the way, in the doorway. Snakes can be poor attitudes and thinking or ignorance about money; delusions about what really works in advertising and marketing – from old arguments about image vs. direct-response, short v. long copy to ‘new metrics’ in ‘new’ media; non-compliant, inept or outright thieving employees; tolerated theft of your time, productivity and energy; timidity about seeking outsized success, about exerting your sovereignty over one ‘n all, about closing sales, about premium prices. There are a lot of different species, sizes and colors of snakes. If you go look at my entire series of No B.S. books, you’ll see each one addresses a different kind of snake loose in your building.

(The newest book, incidentally, NO B.S. GUIDE TO MAXIMUM REFERRALS AND CUSTOMER RETENTION has clubs to beat to death the snakes of untapped or lost value from acquired customers, and the poor thinking, practices, negligence that causes it. Most businesses could easily, quickly be worth double what they are, if these snakes were bludgeoned to death.)

Today would be a mighty fine day to decide on a particular snake and set out to drive every one of ‘em off your Emerald Isle.

Today would also be a mighty fine day to commit to attending the fast upcoming GKIC SuperConference too, if you haven’t already done so. Hard to find more snake killers (and snake charmers) and snake killing weaponry in one place than there, with us. That ‘luck o’ the Irish’ thing is pure blarney. By Irish heritage or otherwise, you don’t get luck. You make it. You take it. You need ideas, information, inspiration, contacts, allies, supporters ‘cuz it’s a complicated world. Being too busy or too arrogant about how smart you are or too cheap to leave your own little island is a path to atrophy, not to innovation. In such a weakened condition, you may well find yourself snake food. Click here to sign up now.

Source: Dan Kennedy