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HD TV: How to Put PowerPoint on a DVD! Convert PPT to Video

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HD TV: How to Put PowerPoint on a DVD! Convert PPT to Video


We Will Show You Exactly How to Put PowerPoint on a DVD HD TV! Convert PPT to Video. Even if you have a High Definition HD TV, Blueray or HD Computer Screen. Keep Reading:



TV: How To Put A PowerPoint on a DVD!

Have you ever created a PowerPoint Presentation only to face the annoying predicament of not having access to a computer or laptop to show your audience? Don’t worry it has happened to the best of us and the greatest solution I found was to burn your PowerPoint files on DVD, that way you can easily store and share them with anyone, as almost everyone has access to a TV and DVD Player these days. So if you wish to learn how to convert PowerPoint Files to DVD and be able to “Put PowerPoint on TV” then continue reading as I will show you a couple of methods to carry out the procedure.

How To Play a PowerPoint Presentation on a TV or HD Screen (Flat-Screen or LCD BlueRay)

Good news is that it is fairly easy to make your presentation work on an HD Screen. Most flat screen TV’s have several different types of cords that connect to your computer. First find out what connection you will use and test that out.

By default PowerPoint is set to DVD format (4X3). Most Blueray & HD screens these days are in a 16×9 format. To change your template follow these steps:

  • 1. You have to go into PowerPoint and click on the Design Tab.
  • 2. Select “Page Setup”
  • 3. Change the On-Screen Dimensions from 4:3 to 16:9
  • 4. Save it and exit. Note: Make sure your pictures and Text still look good and aren’t stretched.

How to Convert PowerPoint Files to DVD – Put a PowerPoint Presentation on TV!

I have conducted a fair bit of research on this topic, as I faced this problem a while back, and after surfing the net for hours I finally found a couple of methods that allow you to Convert PowerPoint presentations to DVD easily.

The first way to convert PPT Files To DVD is to use a screen capture software. One of the best software’s to carry out this procedure would be Camtasia Studio, you would first have to capture the screen while the slideshow is playing and once it is done you will get a video file such a AVI or WMV. You then convert this file into DVD format and use a burning tool Such as Nero to burn the video onto a DVD Disc. The only problem with this procedure is that you would have to obtain two pieces of software ( e.g. Camtasia and Nero also Camtasia is quite expensive) and also when you burn the Presentation onto DVD you cannot control the presentation by a remote control for each slide, You can Only watch it as a full movie. Not to mention if you are new to using Camtasia Studio then it can be a fairly tricky and complicated procedure.

PowerPoint To DVD Converter

The other way to Convert and Burn PowerPoint Presentation onto DVD would be to use a professional PowerPoint to DVD converter software. These programs are specifically designed to convert PPT Files into DVD format and they have a built in burning tool that allows you to burn them onto DVD aswell. The whole procedure can be carried out by simply clicking a few buttons and then sitting back and letting the software do the rest.

The software that I recommend and use is, Wondershare PPT2DVD, it offers a Free Download, and is one the first and best PPT To DVD Converter software around. The great thing about the software is that it can perfectly convert PowerPoint presentations to DVD without losing the animations or transitions. Furthermore you can control each slide when you play it on TV with a remote, just like you were watching it in PowerPoint.

Therefore for anyone out there who wants to Convert PowerPoint Files to DVD you can either use the screen capture method by using Camtasia and then Nero to burn the DVD. Or if you really want keep your original creation, and be able to Put the PowerPoint Presentation on TV without losing any animations and transitions and also control the slides, then get a hold of Wondershare PPT2DVD. It is free to download, and will convert and burn your PowerPoint Files onto DVD within minutes. Check out the link below for detailed instructions on how to use the software…

Burn & Convert PowerPoint To DVD For TV

Looking To convert PowerPoint Presentations To DVD? All you need to do is get a Hold of the Right Tools and it can be done quite easily; learn more on how to Convert PowerPoint To DVD. One particular tool that I use to convert and burn PPT Files To DVD is Wondershare PPT2DVD (Free Download), it allows you to Convert PowerPoint to dynamic video rather than a series of static images; and also Retain all animations, sounds, video clips, timings and even internal hyperlinks.

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