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Help Those Who Want It – Otherwise Why Waste Your Time?

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Help Those Who Want It – Otherwise Why Waste Your Time?

My good friend James Tolleson once said,

“Only when a person wants, needs and most of all, will appreciate your help, can you help them.”

We sure waste a lot of time, energy and money in our society trying to help people who are simply not ready to be helped.

Lyndon Johnson is largely responsible for implementing this very bad idea on such a grand scale that it has sucked up so much of our economic resources that our citizenry and industry are grossly overtaxed, highway and bridge infrastructure is collapsing and our national bank account is overdrawn.

Just as it’s bad public policy, it is bad private policy to try helping somebody close-minded to it or does not demonstrate any initiative seeking it.

Just for example, as soon as I discern somebody asks for my advice but then does nothing different as a result of it, I stop giving it; I may need that breath later.

Successful entrepreneurs fall into this trap dozens of different ways: employing lazy, indolent family members and trying to turn them into something is one very common miss-step.

Sales managers frequently invest 80% of their energy trying to help the 20% worst salespeople they’ve got, who, in truth, are doing nothing to help themselves, when they should be helping their top 20% peak performers do even better.

I’m frequently asked for help with business or marketing problems, but when I start telling the person what they need to do to solve their problems, it becomes apparent they do not want a list of things for them to do nor do they want to work to get better at needed skills; they want me to solve it for them.

Embroiling yourself in attempting to help those who will not actively partner in the process is neurotic behavior, to be avoided.

If you WANT help…

If you NEED help…

If you WILL take action…

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Source: Dan Kennedy