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Home Based Business Does $5 Million A Year Using This Kind Of Offer

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Home Based Business Does $5 Million A Year Using This Kind Of Offer

Imagine what you’re business would be like if simply by designing your offer, you could attract droves of your ideal prospects and turn them into customers, clients or patients.

That’s exactly what Lisa Sasevich did as she created a very specific type of offer to generate over $5 Million Dollars a year in sales…all from home and now she’ll tell you exactly how you can create this type of offer as well.

Lisa just released a free video where she goes over the three steps (outline below.)

In this video, Lisa shows you how to create an “Irresistible Offer” in just three steps. One that your ideal prospect would be crazy to pass up.

1. To create desire for your “main dish.” This is defined as your core product or service. While this seems obvious most people, even experienced business owners, do this totally wrong. Instead of focusing on “what they are going to get”, 90% of your effort needs to be about “what they are going to get out of it.”

2. Have Killer Bonuses! Give you ideal prospects things they really want included in what they really need. An example is if you were a restaurant doing a special dinner, you might include a bottle of wine and dessert. These are items most people WANT, but won’t necessarily order on their own. It adds value to the primary offer.

3. Your Limiter. Lisa teaches you two different ways to get people to respond RIGHT NOW! First is a time deadline and the second is a quantity deadline. Most offers don’t contain either of these vital components.

For a full explanation of these three items and much more click here now and exchange your email address for immediate access to her free video series and a “behind the scenes” look at how she created a business where she generates $5 Million a year from home and how you can use these strategies in your business.

Again simply click here now.

Source: Dan Kennedy