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How Product Videos Can Help Customers Choose A Bathroom

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How Product Videos Can Help Customers Choose A Bathroom

Anyone who has ever ordered online can appreciate how frustrating it is to trawl the internet for hours, compare numerous different products and prices, and finally make a choice to have the product delivered and discover it is not really what you imagine, or even want. With online companies, there is no reassurance that you can pop down to your local store and get a full refund, or, even speak to a sales advisor.

However, despair no more; an internet bathroom company has devised an amicable solution, for retailers and customers alike. Not only are the available on the telephone 6 days a week, and the number is not hidden at the bottom of the page, but they have also invested in a range of product videos.

These videos are aimed at customers, and their purpose is solely informative. They feature Carmel, a star of Bid TV, as a ‘virtual expert’, and she guides you through each of their products, showing you their features and benefits, and helping to make your decision that much easier. The videos show the actual products, ensuring that you will get exactly the product that you see.

Customers and marketing gurus alike will appreciate the benefits of such videos. Gone are the days where we have the time or inclination to visit all the major retailers on the only spare Sunday that we have in a month, but internet sites rarely allow you to ‘interact’ with the product. Such videos as this add the ‘tangible’ back in to the internet.

Visit to view the videos for yourself.

Author: Ruth H Brown
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