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How to Create and Grow An Online Product FROM SCRATCH

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How to Create and Grow An Online Product FROM SCRATCH

Let’s Talk About How To Write Great Blog Content EVERY TIME and Make Your Readers Want More. The First and Only Template That Shows You Exactly How!

Hush Hush, here’s a checklist I usually charge thousands for… Our Top Consulting Consultants are going to give you step-by-step instructions of how to get Thousands of followers in one week, keep reading.

A Digital Marketing Consultant’s Secrets: Social Media How To Get Tons of Followers:

Social Media Marketing 101

Social Media Marketing 101

0. Find Your Passion – and start writing.

It is no fun to write about something that bores you. You should be talking about your passion and what lights your fire. When you write about something that lights you fire, it becomes easy.

Everybody feels passionate about something even if they don’t realize it. I was reading a blog about Gun Control the other day and it was completely biased. I got very passionate about it, but I didn’t realize that I was passionate on that subject until I saw what I wrote.

The first step before creating your blog is to find what you can be passionate about in your field. Even if it is quality – anyone can be passionate about quality in their work. 

1.    Start blogging – you don’t have to re-create the wheel.

The first thing you should know is that you don’t need to recreate the wheel. 9 out of 10 times you will write a great article if you base your article off another one that you love.

Often times a writer will leave important information out – that you can fill in. Find two articles that cover separate aspects and combine them to make one great long article.

I’m not saying to copy and paste – I’m saying consider their article as the original Star Trek and yours should be the new and improved Star Trek the Next Generation.

How can you one-up what they have?

Alright, so now you are ready to write a new blog post. Hopefully you can link out to a few of the other blogs you like within your articles and give them some kudos too.

When you write an article, make it conversational, like you are talking to a friend – don’t use big words, make it very “Laid-back”.

– Use the word You, a lot or say “I” – use direct conversation.

– If you don’t know what to write: “How To” – posts always do well.

Use Info-Graphics. Info-Graphics should have around 5 facts or stats. Not too long or too short.

What are Info-graphics?

Information graphics or info-graphics [for short] are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge. Usually with a pretty design, they tell an interesting story with statistics or data – in a visually pleasing way.

When you are into Search Marketing – you know how important people linking to you are. I’ve had over 500 great sites link to me in one week from one info-graphic that I created.

NOTE : Ideally every article should have a Catchy Image, Info-graphic, Video and a Download to give something for free:

PR Newswire reports that a study of releases on their wire service shows that:

  •  Adding a photo or an image increases views of the release by 14%.
  •  Adding a video gives you a 28% increase in views.
  •  Make that an image and a video and you’ll get a 48% boost in views.
  •  Go all the way and put in a photo, a video, a graphic and a download and you’ll see a 78% jump in the number of views!


Okay so if you add a VIDEO, IMAGE + INFOGRAPHIC and a DOWNLOAD – you’ll get 78% MORE VIEWS?

I’m sure they have to be good quality. But yeah, that is what the survey said…

It does not say that you have to create each of them yourself – I would recommend that you give credit where credit is due and don’t violate copyrights.

What is Creative commons?

Creative Commons licenses on images provide a flexible range of protections and freedoms for authors, artists, and educators.

You can do an advanced Flickr search for people who have given their images “creative commons okay” to use.


Consulting Consultants: Social Media How To Get Maximum Search Results

2. For best Search Engines results content should be 2,400 words or longer. [_]

– Search Engine’s push long, detailed posts with good content, [examples: Wikipedia, IMDB, Amazon] – many of the top ranking pages have at least 2400 words.

– Always hook your readers with catchy Headlines.

3.  Create a great headline. Use Copyblogger Headline formulas. [_]

– Create a conversation with readers. Always answer real questions, unless it’s SPAM.

– Use statistics. Prove your points and use data to back up your posts.

4. Use this following template: (This has gotten the best results)


Great Headline: [Keywords in front] i.e. “Keyword Keyword – Secrets Revealed”

[Insert Catchy Image]

Paragraph 1: Personal Experience

Paragraph 2: Statistics from obviously credible sources

[Insert Video]

Paragraph 3: How To & Instructions.

Paragraph 4 – Add Authority to your articles.

– Why are you someone they should listen to?

– Show your authority.  How long have you been in the industry?

Paragraph 5 – You need to show that you care.

– Care about your readers. Show your care in this paragraph.

Paragraph 6: Add a Conclusion + Invite response with a question.

Ask your readers what they think about the topic.

[Insert Info-Graphic]


5. Create a list of 200 Bloggers, 200 Website Owners, 200 Twitter Users. [_]

No matter what industry you’re in, there are bloggers, website owners, and twitter users that all talk about the subject or similar subjects to what you are talking about. For example when you are inside the food industry [recipes], there are thousands of food blogs, Same with websites, there will be millions of pet related websites and a huge number of Twitter users who like tweeting about their recipe’s.

It will take a while to develop a comprehensive list, but it is worth it. Here is how I recommend you build your list:

Your list ought to contain at the least 200 blogs, 200 websites, and 200 twitter users.

6. Make sure Bloggers do not sell anything. [_]

Stay away from people who sell products on their sites. For example it will be much harder to get a Store or to hyperlink to you than a blogger who is active.

7. Make sure twitter users are active. [_]

Make sure you only list Twitter users who are active. Check if a website hasn’t been updated in over a year or a Twitter user hasn’t tweeted in the last week, don’t bother adding them to your list.

If you don’t have time:

It can take a while to create a good list, but through services like you should be able to get it all done for under $100.

8. Make a spreadsheet of their full name, Website URL and email address. [_]

Whether you create your list or you hire someone on oDesk, make sure it contains their full name, website URL, name of their website, and email address.

Check them on other social networks – if they write a lot they should have Linkedin accounts, etc.

Now that you have a list of 200 blogs, you need to start emailing them to see if they will accept a guest post from you.

Here is the template I tend to use:

9. Use this template for guest Blogging – send to all 200 Top Bloggers [_]

Subject: you should blog about [insert your guest blog post topic]

[insert their first name], as an avid reader of [insert their site name] I would love to read about [insert guest blog post topic]… and I think your other readers would as well.

Your content on [insert existing post from their website #1, insert existing post from their website #2, and insert existing post from their website #3] are great, but I think you can tie it all together by blogging on [insert guest blog post topic].

I know you are probably busy and won’t blog on it – so I’m going to make you an offer you can’t refuse. ;)   How about I write it for you? Don’t worry, I’m a great blogger and have written posts such as [insert blog post post URL #1] and [insert blog post URL #2].

Let me know if you are interested, I already know your blogging style, plus I understand what your readers love… as I am one. ;-)

Look forward to hearing from you,

[insert your name]

10. Hit up great sites with .org, .edu or .gov status and high page rank sites. [_]

Guest posting will drive traffic back to your blog and help you gain readers. You just have to make sure you link back to your blog in your author byline or within the blog post when it makes sense.

11. Link out to other bloggers from your own site. [_]

Hopefully by now you’ve written at least 2 or 3 guest posts, which would mean you should have some new readers. So when you write new blog posts it should gain some traction, hopefully a few tweets and Facebook shares.

12. Write “Curation” Content. [_]

What is Blog Curation?

Curation means:  “Certification of the trustworthiness and integrity of the collection content.” AKA “Hey this is good stuff”.

Basically you are vouching that a number of other blogger’s content is good and you can use the first 200 words of each to illustrate what you are talking about.

Once you have the post up you’ll want to manually email all of the individuals that you link out and ask them to share your post on the social web as well as tell them to share it with their blog readers.

For example, you could write a blog post titled “101 Resources for Writers” and within that post you can link to good articles that you find on other peoples’ sites.


13. Sign up for Reddit Paid for three days @ $30 per day. [_]

In addition to that email you must visit Reddit and send $100 worth of traffic for your blog post.

14. Sign up for paid discovery ($100 Dollars). [_]

Stumbleupon is a great way to get found and they only charge 10 cents per click.

This way your post will get more than 1000 guests and those 100 or so web pages you linked out to will see you as a referrer within their analytics reports. This will help enhance your odds of getting linked to by other bloggers as well as raise your odds of getting extra social shares.

15. Direct Message list of 200 Twitter Users and ask them to retweet. [_]

You have content material on your blog, but have you a ton of tweets?

You need to get a ton of shares.

Social signals enhance Search Engine rankings so the more tweets, likes and +1’s you get – the better off you’ll be.

How do you get these tweets you ask? You can wait for them to happen naturally, but as you already know, that probably won’t happen. So why not just ask for them?

You can’t do this every single time you publish a blog post, but every single time you create an incredible one particular, why not direct message your list of 200 Twitter users and inside a 140 characters ask them nicely to tweet your hyperlink out.

Use this message

I’d really like it if you could tweet [insert link] for your followers. Let me know if I can do a tweet for you in exchange.

This tells them that you will go the distance as well. You should get around 8% conversion on this method (8/100).

15-A. Follow this procedure for:

Google +1’s – [_]

Facebook  Likes – [_]

Pins – [_]

16. Email the 200 website owners to get them to link to your blog. [_]

The more traffic you get to your blog, the better off you are. So just like you emailed the bloggers on your list above, you also want to email website owners to see if you can get them to link to your blog.

You can use one of these email templates to solicit a link. My favorite is:

17. Email the 200 website owners to get them to link to your blog: [_]


What’s the first question that comes to mind when you’re approached by anyone hoping to get you to do anything, so it’s important to answer this question from the get go.

Subject: [insert first name of website owner], THANK YOU!

My name is <Insert Name>. “I just read your post regarding <insert subject> and I found it to be both funny and informative.

I love your stuff. Don’t worry, it’s not in a creepy way, mostly I’m in love with your website [insert their website name]. You probably get tons of people everyday whom are in love with [insert website name]. I won’t bore you with my details – Instead I thought I could show some appreciate by giving you some feedback from a reader’s perspective – on how you can improve your website.

Insert suggestion #1

Insert suggestion #2

And if you are wondering how you can repay your biggest fan, feel free to link to my website [insert URL].

You’ve already done enough for me by making [insert their website name] so awesome!


[insert your name]


For .gov and .edu (corporate and educational) website’s you may want to go a little more professional:

Subject: [insert first name of website owner], THANK YOU!

My name is <Insert Name>. “I just read your post regarding <insert subject> and I found it to be both funny and informative.

I’m currently working with <Insert Client Site Name> to announce their latest content: <Insert Article/Linkbait Name>, and thought this might be of interest to you and your readers, it provides an awesome way to <insert benefit for the site owner> (I was thinking we could share links to each other <Insert Benefit For The Site Here>. You can article our site at <Insert URL>. If you like it, I’d appreciate it if you could add it to your <links page url> or announce it to your readers. Alternatively, you can utilize the customized badge or link code provided below. I’d be willing to do the same in return.

I know I’m asking a lot – you’ve already done enough for me by making [insert their website name] so awesome! – Cheers <Insert Name>


18. Write a blog post that lists out TOP 100 Blog list that you would like to be featured in: [_]

The next step for you is to write a blog post that contains the top 100 blogs in your space. You can pick blogs from your list of 200 that you collected in step 1, but you don’t want to limit it to that list. Add anyone that should be on it.

19. Create an Ego Bait Badge in the sidebar: [_]

Create your own  top 150 marketing blogs list with a  badge.

What’s Egobait?

It’s similar to “Link-Bait”.

Many people will have heard of link bait. The entire process of creating content almost exclusively with the intention of getting links using their websites. Well, ego bait isn’t very different for this however, instead of simply developing a generic blog publish or info-graphic, you really target specific people or companies in order to encourage them to connect to or market your work.

The next step for you is to create a blog post that contains the major 100 blogs in your space. It is possible to pick blogs from your list of 200 that you simply collected in step 1, but you do not want to limit it to that list. Add anyone that ought to be on it.

Once you have the blog post all written, you need to find a web design company like ours to help generate a badge. The badge should really say one thing like “Top 100 [insert the category with the blog] blog”. You also want to develop an embed code so that men and women who are on that list can easily place a badge on their blog.

20. Email all of your list, using and let them know that you have added them to your blogroll. [_]

Once you add a handful of sites to your blogroll, you want to email them and let them know. If they add you to their blogroll within 7 days, keep them on your blogroll… if not replace them with another blog. Repeat this whole process until you have a handful of sites that are linking to you within their blogroll.


Again, don’t worry about the SEO benefit from a blogroll, create a blogroll to gain traffic from other related blogs. In the long run this will help you gain more readers.

21. Go to every person on your 600 list and leave GREAT comments on all posts. [_]

It’s a tedious task to leave comments on other people’s blog, but it is a necessary evil. Add of all the blogs in your space to a blog feed reader (Google’s and once a day comment on at least 5 new blog posts.

Add Valuable info to that person.

Your comments should be thorough, and shouldn’t be spammy or self-promoting. Instead you should just try to provide valuable input that benefits other people.

Also when you leave comments, use your real name and blog URL. This way if people like what you have to say, they’ll click on your name and end up on your blog. This is a great way to gain readers… and it is actually the approach Pete Cashmore used to help gain his first few readers for Mashable.

22. Buy readers – ask them to subscribe to your RSS feed. [_]

Using get readers to subscribe.

Even if you do all of the things above, there isn’t a guarantee that you’re blog will be popular. You should be able to get tens of thousands of readers through the methods above, but getting hundreds of thousands is a much harder task.

What you can do is find other popular blogs in your space and pay them to blog about your blog and how great it is. When they write the blog post make sure you have them tell their readers to subscribe to your RSS feed.

When buying blog posts from other bloggers, feel free to have them nofollow the links to you as you don’t want to get penalized for “buying links”.


23. Repeat these steps at least once a month.  Use to get 3000 RSS feeds. [_]

If you do the above steps you should have enough readers coming to your blog. When you publish content, it will get the attention it needs so that you will naturally get back links.

24. Convert readers into members –  Use a lightbox to get subscribers & capture identities. [_]

a. Get their name, address, company and phone number for future sales. [_]

b. put the subscribers on a carefully planned email follow-up system.

 25. Ensure there is a follow –up sequence of at least 18 emails Every Monday and Thursday of your best articles – to keep readers coming back for more [_]

We have found it takes over 18 emails sometimes to get people to trust you enough to buy. You need to sign them up on your subscription.

26. COFFEE IS FOR CLOSERS – Get the sale – (follow up with every prospect  to get the sale) [_]

Create a funnel for contacting and closing members.

27. After every close, get the people on a new campaign to invite other members for free. [_]

Start every new paid member on a Referral program.

28. Ask all sold people to leave good articles – those who are happy will and those who don’t care will not – unless they are really upset. [_]

Get other people to write articles once you start getting happy customers.

Just make sure you continually rinse and repeat the steps above… as many of the methods such as guest posting can be used on a regular basis. Within 6 months of doing everything above, you should have a popular blog that gets at least 10,000 monthly visitors if not well over 25,000 visitors.

Do you know of any other ways you can market your content?


Source: World Class Media