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How to Get Ready for the Big Game And Other Large Events

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How to Get Ready for the Big Game And Other Large Events

Milestone is based in the heart of Silicon Valley in Santa Clara, CA. Our city is also home to the famous Levi’s Stadium, host of Super Bowl 50. The San Francisco Chronicle reports over one million people are expected in the area, including 5,000 members of the media community who will be eager to cover the local area leading up to the big game and be patrons themselves. Local businesses are gearing up for a week of crowds and press, and should also be thinking about higher online engagement.  Are you in an area with a large event? Have you ever thought about your online presence to gain more share during these busy times? How prepared are you for incoming masses?

Capitalizing on Micro-Moments

As a local business owner, the challenge is to be prepared for an event of this size and leverage the many opportunities it presents. Studies show people want immediate answers to their travel related questions, be it looking for the ideal hotel room or looking for things to do in the area, and mobile phones meet this demand. These moments of intent based information searches are called “Micro Moments” by Google. Google states about 82% of smartphone users turn to their phones to influence a purchase decision while in a store, this largely happens because smart phones and search helps people solve an unexpected problem at the very moment created such as “I want to find a parking spot near Levi’s Stadium” or “Coffee shop near Levi’s Stadium”. For businesses to come across well prepared they must be ready to seize opportunities presented by these micro-moments. Your mobile experience is judged by Google, if your site isn’t mobile friendly getting on top of the results pages is not likely.

Top Tips:

  1. Search friendly platform- does your website include schemas for the latest search algorithms?
  2. Have an attractive website– dated websites lose faith among searchers
  3. Search friendly designs– pay attention to adding items that take long to load on your page
  4. Quality directory listings– this allows your company to be trusted by search engines and show up in the search results

Digital Strategy for Marketing Events
Events, be it large or small, need considerable planning and execution effort. Businesses can make an impact by designing a consumer first plan. The key should be to define the target audience; business, leisure, families or Millennials. Create audience oriented messaging by doing keyword research and understanding the strengths of the business in the context of the event; is it close to the event location, are you a sponsor, does your business have a unique product for the event. Once the messaging is created, a tailored social content marketing plan and complementary pay per click advertising plan needs to be created and executed. Once the plan is executed, it is equally important to track the performance; page traffic, social shares, number of leads from the specials pages and track ROI.

MC360 Infographic

Tools to manage events

Super Bowl or no Super Bowl throughout the year events are happening in your city, urging visitors to search local business information on multiple devices. Milestone has helped many clients manage their events with MediaConnect360 and Event Calendar, as these tools provide efficiency to users creating content and posting for events. You can create a comprehensive content marketing plan easily by scheduling posts to go live across multiple social media channels and viewing the analytics per post after going live, not to mention the workflow aspect to have others assigned to certain tasks in their wheelhouse.  For those wanting to highlight events year round content generation seems daunting. However, our Event Calendar has information feeds events in your direct vicinity to your website with content already created, you can segment certain types of events you want to highlight with a click, so there is no real work for you to capitalize on events bringing people to your area.

Mediaconnect Social Tool

It is important for you to leverage the unique opportunities in your area by delivering deliver a rich web and mobile experience supported by a tailored content marketing strategy.  This will keep your consumers first! If you have more questions regarding how to highlight upcoming local events please let us know, [email protected].

Contributed by:
Gaurav Varma, Product Marketing Manager

Source: Paid Search