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How to Make a Great Corporate Video

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How to Make a Great Corporate Video


One of the best ways to put your company out there in the market-place is to make a good corporate video. These days, most businesses, big or small can afford to make a corporate video showcasing their skills and services. It’s a fantastic self promotion opportunity where companies can advertise their products and services.

Not undermining the human touch, corporate videos can assure a direct pitch, given with the same level of passion every time. They guarantee uniformity of both approach and message. These videos can be produced and regularly updated for a small cost and serve the purpose of an ever ready one hit sales pitch. Here are a few things to bear in mind when producing a corporate video for your company:

  1. Spotlight:Ask yourself this question: Why am I making this video? What do I want to tell the people who watch my corporate video? Ideally, your corporate video should work for you in two ways. It should put the products and services you aim to promote in front of the viewer and it should speak what your company stands for ideologically.
  2. No Gibberish:Make an effort to identify your audience. Corporate videos are often made for industry viewing and so there is really no need to explain things like your manufacturing process (unless you are a manufacturer) or how your organization operates.
  3. Don’t Boast:Many see a corporate video as a golden opportunity for underhanded and often in your face back slapping. Please avoid this at all costs. Boasting about the achievements and strengths of your company looks unsophisticated. If you are good, then let your work show it.
  4. Avoid Basic Scripting Errors:When finalizing the script for your film, ask yourself “would I sit through this?” Make sure the script is smooth in its flow and interesting to watch. Avoid split screens, multiple and misleading captions.
  5. The television effect: Understand the purpose of your video. It is not meant to be humorous or crowd pleasing. Your video carries a specific message for a specific viewer. Though there is nothing wrong with making the video visually exciting it is important not to lose sight of the real reason behind the video production.
  6. Technology Monster:There are a host of expensive mediums one may want to incorporate, but please bear its relevance in mind. Flashy animation and 3D designs are all well and good but may end up making your video look foolish and immature. It is important to have a good stylized video but know what you need and what you don’t. For e.g.: exciting as it may look a 3D modeled video has no place in a catering service video while it is a must for an architectural business.

Keep these pointers in mind and there is no reason why you won’t be able to produce a good and effective corporate video.

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Author: Claire Jarrett
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