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How To Make More Money Being a “Marketer” NOT a “Doer”

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How To Make More Money Being a “Marketer” NOT a “Doer”

“The easiest way to attract a crowd is to let it be known that at a given time and a given place someone is going to attempt something that in the event of failure will mean sudden death.”– Harry  Houdini

I’ve often said that you’ll earn far more money once you realize being the best at what you do, is far LESS lucrative than being the best at marketing what you do.

When the jewelry store owner becomes a marketer of fine jewelry, the carpet cleaner becomes a marketer of carpet cleaning services, the chiropractor a marketer of chiropractic care etc., they take a quantum leap up in income potential.

Most service business owners, small business owners, self-employed professionals and consultants all view themselves as “does” of what they do, with the task of getting people to do it to, as a necessary evil.  The marketer sees the acquisition, retention and value maximization of the customers as their primary role, with the doing of the service the necessary evil.

Simply, the marketers are much more valuable and highly paid than doers.

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See Harry Houdini was NOT the best magician or illusionist ever, he wasn’t even the best in his day.  But Houdini WAS THE BEST marketer of his craft.  Simply said he realized the importance of the marketing vs. the doing.

This is very difficult for doers to accept.  When you go to our National Speakers Convention, at least 80% of everybody’s conversation is about the doing, not the marketing; in the cocktail lounge people tell each other what they do…

“I speak about X, I’m an expert in Y.”

In the meetings, they endlessly rehash platform techniques.  If one asks another what do you do, the answerer will define himself by his or her topic.  This is not unusual.

If you go to a chiropractic or carpet cleaning or computer coder’s convention, the focus will be on chiropractic technique, new chemicals and equipment and new coding practices and tricks.  If you ask most business people what they do, they’ll define themselves as a doer of a thing rather than as a marketer of a thing.

From the very beginning, when asked the question, I would explain that I was in the speaking and consulting businesses.  To me, what I did on the stage or in the boardroom was not the main issue.  Being in those businesses was.

Obviously technical skills related to the delivery of a quality product or service are important.  But they are not nearly as important as the ability to market those same products and services.  And it is infinitely easier to delegate the doing than the marketing in just about every business, because there are plenty of good doers who are terrible marketers,who because of that, can be hired cheap. 

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