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How to Market Your Band in 5 Easy Steps – Band Promotion Made Easy

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How to Market Your Band in 5 Easy Steps – Band Promotion Made Easy


You Can Be a Money-Making Musician in No Time!

Musicians who want to make money with their music need to think about a few more things than just great riffs and solos – they need to take care of the business side of the music business, too. Here is a quick list of the most important things you can do to take your music career to the next level. (Solo artists can replace the word “band” with “yourself”) How To Market Your Band:

#1. Think Like a Marketer. Too often musicians get all consumed with the music side of the business and pay little or no attention to the business side. Remember, it’s called the music business, so if you want to be able to make money doing it, you need to learn to market your band. Also, if you’re the one watching what’s going on, there’s less chance of sharks ripping you off.

#2. Produce a Press Kit For Yourself. Band promotion starts with a good press kit. This can be a physical folder with the band’s photo, member bios, business cards and demo CD, or an online version that you can send via email. Get both if you can afford it. Start with the “e” version first.

#3. Get a Web Presence. These days to promote your band, you simply have to be online. You should have your own web site, as well as be on other band marketing sites, such as MySpace, Facebook and YouTube. Your own site will be where you can keep in touch with fans ad go into greater detail, like music style, genre etc.. The marketing sites are simply to get your band in front of more people and should always have some of your song samples and a links back to your own site.

#4 Build a Contact List of Your Fans. At least get their email, full address is better. Once you have the list, keep in touch with them constantly, telling them what you’re doing , where you’re playing and how much you appreciate them. A good way to collect and manage a fan base is by using Constant Contact. It is an email management tool that also has pre-made templates you can use to send newsletters and email promotions to your fans.

#5 Have Product to Sell to Your Fans. At a minimum have some of your recorded music to sell either on CDs or flash drives. You should also get T-shirts, hats and sweatshirts made that you can sell at your gigs and on your web site. You can set up an online retail store selling stuff with your band’s logo on it at café The best part is, no set up fee!

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