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How to Recover From Negative SEO

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How to Recover From Negative SEO

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Did you know that your competitors could hurt your search engines rankings? By doing malicious things in order to decrease your search engine rankings?

This is called negative SEO.

Before we go into how to deal with negative SEO, let’s go over a few ways it can happen to your business.

  • Malicious attacks on your site – this is when someone hacks into your site, modifies your robots.txt file and blocks Google, or injects spammy content and links into your web pages.
  • Building bad links – this is when someone builds bad links to your website. For example, if your competitor paid thousands of adult and gambling sites to link back to you, eventually your rankings will go down.
  • Spam reports – if people feel a search result from your site is irrelevant or you are abusing Google’s webmaster guidelines, they can report you to Google. If a handful of people report your site, Google will look to see if you are doing anything wrong such as unnatural link building.

If you are wondering if negative SEO has happened to your site, there are two simple ways to determine this: Read More

Source: QuickSprout