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Seminar: Fast 30 Minute Training on How To Get Maximum Traffic.

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Seminar: Fast 30 Minute Training on How To Get Maximum Traffic.


Seminar: How To Write a Web Page, Blog – Press Release or Essay for Maximum Traffic

It doesn’t matter if you have a WordPress Categories Blog or a Standard HTML website – this post will show you the right way to build a single web page – helping to create the foundation for your site & improve organic performance. This is a small seminar I gave to illustrate how to write a Blog, Press Release and Essay in order to achieve the maximum Traffic.

Step 0: Obviously the First step is to write GREAT CONTENT that people would want to share.

A web or blog page is just one drop of the water that comprises the ocean of websites out there. If your drop does not stand out – well – then it’s just another a drop. If you make each web page stand out – you can boost your entire site’s performance. Today Back-links and Social Media are more important than ever for improving your site’s organic performance – so we are going to talk about not just creating an ideal article – but also about creating an ideal page.

How to Blog – What is Link Bait?

How To Blog - Write for Maximum Traffic

How To Blog - Write for Maximum Traffic

Link bait (or linkbait) refers to anything interesting or newsworthy on a website that encourages links from other websites. This can include content – online tools – downloads or anything else that another site owner might find compelling enough to link to. Link bait is important because most search engines use backlinks as a major factor in determining ranking.

Okay enough of that: Let’s talk about how to make a link bait page – not just a link bait article:

1. Do some keyword research to find out what people are searching for:

(These keywords should be relevant to your website or product).

Tool Keyword
Keyword Tool by Google


You can use Google’s Keyword Tool

2. Create a catchy Headline (H1) and 2 header tags (H2 & H3). Keep your chosen keyword (s) at the front.

  • i.e. “Keyword Keywords – Five Vital Points You Need To Know”
  • Try and keep your headline under 150 characters.

“Unique is Better”- Try and make all of your Headers Unique.

Your Headline Should be the H1 on your Web Page (H1 is the most important Header Tag).

How To Create Link Bait
How To Create Link Bait


This “Linkbait Generator” can give you some ideas – but keep your Title relevant to your page content. Ideally – your H1 is unique on each page. Otherwise you may need to change your template.

H1 – H2 & H3 headers – & optimizing the Headers of Your page:

HTML Placement

Headers should be placed with-in the <body></body> of a document – and should precede relevant content segments.

HTML Format

<h1>Example H1 heading tag goes here</h1>
<p>Some content directly related to the H1 content</p>

<h2>Example H2 heading tag goes here</h2>
<p>Some content directly related to the H2 content</p>

<h3>Example H3 heading tag goes here</h3>
<p>Some content directly related to the H3 content</p>

3. Catchy Image (with a caption using the keywords you want to focus on)

Be sure to you fill in each of the image fields with basic information (add Alt – Title – Description & a Caption).

Link Bait Web Page
Link Bait Web Page

HTML Example: <img src=”“Link Bait Web Page” title=“Web Page How To” height=”110″ width=”110″>

4. (1st paragraph) Talk about how this article will benefit the user in a cheerful – happy tone.

5. (2nd paragraph) You really need to give them a reason to keep reading.

This is done next with “you need to stay tuned!” (or a mystery sandwich).

6. (3rd paragraph) In-Your-Face helpful tips and know-how that benefits the reader.

7. (4th Paragraph) Offer your help in every way possible.

How can you answer people’s questions if you don’t know how to reach them? Get their E-mail address. Offer your help – answer questions – pose questions & offer assistance whenever appropriate.

8. (5th Paragraph) It’s all about exchange – offer free stuff!

In this day & age people want & except free things. So give it to ‘em. Plus – what better way to get someone’s e-mail address than to offer something for free to get it?

9. Single call-to-action above the fold (near the top of the page)!

When you l& on the page what is the first thing that catches your eye? It should be a single Professional button or what you want them to do – or a single “Call To Action.” Make sure it is not spammy and something that you yourself would click on if you came to the page.

10. Video- Google Video and YouTube

YouTube is considered the second largest Search engine – with billions of visits and billions of searches by people all over the world.
Additionally – Google has integrated Video into their Search results. So share a video in your page. Use YouTube to upload if you need to.

Bonus! Sharing on Facebook – Twitter – LinkedIn and Google+

Social Media Marketing is more important than ever.

WordPress: I would recommend using a Plug-in like “GetSocial” which loads floating “share” buttons. If you are not using WordPress – Try using or – they make it very easy to share content on Social Networks.

See my other article on how to add floating buttons like this site: Floating Social Media Marketing Buttons

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