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How Typography Affects Conversions

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How Typography Affects Conversions

When you think about conversion optimization, what comes to mind? Testing colors, call-to-action buttons, headlines, and other elements including text, right?

Although those elements do affect conversions, what about other design aspects such as typography?

I know what you are thinking. How the heck does typography affect conversions? Well, certain font types will affect people’s decisions in different ways. For example, if you are trying to get your users to agree with a passage, they are more likely to do so if you use the font type Baskerville.

If you are worried about readability, you may not know that data shows Tahoma is the most legible at size 10, Courier at 10, and Arial at 14.

To show you how you can use typography to increase your conversion rate, I’ve decided to create an infographic: Read More

Source: QuickSprout