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How Your Customer Journey Impacts Your Conversion Funnel [Webinar]

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How Your Customer Journey Impacts Your Conversion Funnel [Webinar]

Marketing Conversion Funnel



Milestone is delighted to invite you to our complimentary webinar where we will examine today’s digital customer journey and how to optimize the hospitality conversion funnel.  We will discuss key trends impacting search and benchmarks for marketing campaigns.  Your hospitality business can create successful targeted marketing campaigns by understanding the stages of the conversion funnel, and the benchmarks for success in each stage.

Audience will hear about the rapidly changing digital world and which channels are key to the purchase process when consumers are booking hotel rooms.  We walk through the different stages of purchase cycle from finding travel inspiration, comparison shopping, reading online reviews, and eventually making a purchase as part of their journey.   As the digital landscape evolves, the key to success lies in managing the entire conversion funnel vs. any specific channel or media.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Understand how web search has changed in recent years
  2. Learn key trends and impacting the digital ecosystem
  3. Decipher the various stages of your customer journey in a multi device world
  4. Optimize your conversion funnel by channel, move from awareness to conversions.
  5. Correct KPIs to measure success, with checklist and benchmarks


Benu Aggarwal, Founder Milestone Internet Marketing
Heidi Bitar, VP Client Services
Tammie Carlisle, AVP Sales and Customer Solutions
Sara Linton, Product Marketing Specialist


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