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Inbound Internet Marketing and Social Media Marketing Defined (Infographic)

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Inbound Internet Marketing and Social Media Marketing Defined (Infographic)

What is Inbound Social Media – Internet Marketing?

Inbound marketing is about setting yourself up like a magnet, attracting the interest of those trying to find products or services in your industry. It’s about pull, not push. The easier you make it for them to find you, especially at the exact point when they want to find somebody like you, and the more educational, engaging or entertaining you make your content, the more successful you will be.

Inbound Marketing is a permission based methodology that focuses on driving relevant traffic to your website, converting that traffic to leads, and finally, turning those leads into sales. Relevant traffic is driven to your website through attractive blog articles , social media , and effective search engine optimization techniques. This method of attracting qualified traffic is much more effective than the alternative — blasting a message to thousands of uninterested people in the hopes you’ll have a return rate of around 2%.

Inbound marketing presents a different, more effective approach. Here’s why (and how). Take a look at this great infographic by Hubspot:

Internet Business Promoter

Internet Inbound Marketing Definition

More about Inbound Internet Marketing and Social Media Marketing

Inbound marketing is a process that requires regular, consistent delivery to increase your visibility and demonstrate your expertise. It is comprised of three main online marketing tactics: 1.SEO 2.Content Marketing and 3. Social Media Marketing. It is the best way yet I’ve seen to ride that wave. It isn’t necessarily intended to displace the traditional marketing, but could provide diversified top-line lead generation for your products:

Inbound marketing is like having a public relations department in house. We’re in the land of “you” publishing now, so you no longer have to wait for the mainstream media to publish your ideas. YOU can and should do it now.

Inbound Marketing , often referred to as “Permission Marketing”, requires hardwork and skill. Without the skill and understanding of context could make the days long and very lonely – Inbound marketing helps to position you and your company as an industry expert. Industry experts can never be commodities, everyone wants to work with them, and they can price themselves accordingly.

Inbound marketing is more cost-effective. Paying for ad space, purchasing e-mail lists, or even attending a conference or networking costs a lot of money. Inbound marketing methods, on the other hand, are mostly free to start and maintain. You can start a blog on your site using free CMS packages, or get a Facebook page or Twitter account for free. Even if you have to pay for some inbound marketing, it’s not going to be recurring. Take SEO for example, if you get into PPC ads, it’s going to be a continuous outflow of money for you. Pay an SEO company to optimize your site and you can get to the top of search rankings for a good period long time.

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