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Keyword Video Marketing – How Keyword Video Marketing Can Drive Massive Traffic to Your Site

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Keyword Video Marketing – How Keyword Video Marketing Can Drive Massive Traffic to Your Site

Video marketing in this day and age is very inexpensive and profitable. It can give your small business the much needed publicity by focusing on your target audience. Besides producing quality content and having a quality product to sell, your potential customers must be able to find you. Today, over 90% of people use search engines on the internet to find just about anything. Thus, you must practice keyword video marketing. I will cover the step by step process to ensure that you will get listed high on the search engines.

Keyword video marketing tips:

1. Do keyword research and pick a keyword with low competition and a good search volume (preferably long tail keywords) eg., long beach immigration attorney

2. make sure the keyword appears in your title at least once

3. make the first thing in your description your URL followed by a keyword rich description (also put your URL at the bottom of each frame of the video)

4. Include the keyword in your tags

5. Upload your video to many video sites using a service that will do this for you

6. Wait and see your videos rank very high in the search engines in a matter of hours

Keyword video marketing if done properly can yield excellent results. Even if the video content is great, a video not ranked high by the search engines will not get the most views possible. Follow the steps above and see your video make it to the top of the search engines and drive massive traffic to your website.

To your success,

Ronny Abraham

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Author: Ronny Abraham
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