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Continued apologies for the delay! We are working tirelessly to make this plug-in rock!

In all seriousness, a version of the plug-in could have been released on Tuesday… we have an installer ready and everything.  But it just wasn’t quite there. It was very good. Maybe most people wouldn’t have noticed. And I wouldn’t have to keep making excuses for it. But alas…

Here’s the thing, I probably could have released something and moved on but knowing the importance of these core features would have been a bummer to have a version of the plug-in that didn’t have them. And because they relate to the core of the plug-in, it wouldn’t be an easy V1.1 update thing.

The plug-in was supposed to be pretty simple. And in some ways it is. But the intricacies of the internal algorithm really set it apart. As my development team will tell you, ideas always start simple and then you start to think about the possibilities.

Despite the chaos and frustration (including yours!) , the only thought going through my head after missing the deadline: “It’s going to a take a little longer but wait til they see this!!”

I hope it will be worth it!

We are very close now, we don’t usually release anything on weekends Monday is our target!

Source: Video Copilot