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Local Web Video Marketing Is a New Concept in Online Advertising For Small and Regional Businesses

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Local Web Video Marketing Is a New Concept in Online Advertising For Small and Regional Businesses

Many local businesses still subscribe to the traditional forms of advertising the Yellow Pages, Clipper ads, newspaper ads, radio and television. Unfortunately more and more local businesses are finding these forms of advertising to be less effective than in years past. You would think since advertisers are finding it harder to get clients they would be charging much less today with the current economic conditions. You would expect that the cost of these forms of advertising would go down significantly but it hasn’t. That’s why Web video marketing can be an excellent solution for small and local businesses as well as regional businesses.

The Internet and new innovations now make it possible to shoot inexpensive television style commercials and put them on the Internet to generate customers for your business almost overnight. These videos can generate highly qualified local leads and give you countless ways to deliver your offer to get customers and clients in the door. Here’s the best part. The cost doesn’t come anywhere near what you would pay to make a television commercial. You can now get exposure all over the Internet and near the top of Internet search engines like Yahoo, Google and Bing.

Web video marketing is also a fantastic business opportunity. Would you like to start a new business in one of the hottest emerging new career opportunities in ages? Web video marketing is soon to be one of the most sought after new industries to go into. For the first time since the invention of the television people spend more time in front of their computers than they did watching television. What did they do while on the computer? Well statistics show that 65% of the time they were watching Internet videos. That’s just one of many reasons why web video marketing is going to be huge. Let’s face it the days of going to the Yellow Pages to find something are almost gone forever. Now day’s people reach for their Iphone, blackberry, laptop or PDA to look up just about anything they need, and can find it very quickly on the web. So let’s get straight to the point. If a business does not have a strong online presence and their competitors do you can be sure that they are losing customers and clients to their competitors. That’s where you as a Web video marketer can provide them with an incredible solution to their online marketing issues. The most amazing thing is you don’t need to be an expert in video production, computers, web design, or marketing. In fact by making a small investment in a web video marketing program like “Traffic Geyser” you can learn everything you would ever need to know to start your very own web video marketing business. This system was tested on people who had very little experience in these areas, but a strong drive to be successful and they have been able to start their own web video marketing business within a matter of days of learning this system.

One of the biggest questions I get as a web video marketer is how much money can I realistically expect to make. My experience has shown that businesses that spend on advertising are quick to see the value in web video marketing and are willing to write checks when they see the results that can be obtained. When I first started in web video marketing I was asking only $149 for a video. I soon found out that this was extremely low and I could demand much higher prices for my services. I decided to take a trip to Dallas to meet Mike Keonigs who is my mentor in web video marketing. Mike has clients like Paula Abdul, Tony Robbins, Frank Kearn, Jorge Cruise, and the list of celebrities just goes on and on. Mike informed me that he had people he trained making between $1200 and $3000 a client for the same thing I was charging $149 for, needless to say I quickly raised my pricing structure to be more in line with Mike’s top web video marketers. To my surprise nobody even hesitated at a starting price of $1200.

I soon came to realize that depending on the particular industry the client was in, the acquisition of even just one customer or client could be worth thousands of dollars to that owner. A few of my favorite types of clients are lawyers, real estate agents, and chiropractors, all of whom just adding a few clients can be worth 15 to 20 times their initial investment and in some cases even more. I also reduce my prices for businesses that I know don’t have the same kind of margins. When you are first starting out if you really knock it out of the park for a few people just the word of mouth alone is worth the reduction in cost. One of my first clients in my home town was a restaurant. I knew $1200 dollars might be a little high for them so we worked out a deal. Now I eat for free any time I go in and I have a great restaurant to bring new prospects to. Thanks to some good advice from Mike Keonigs we worked out a great deal for both of us. Best of all this owner has a bunch of business friends in all different industries and has recommended me to them. You really can’t beat word of mouth advertising. I also did a video for a person who had a rental house at the Jersey shore that wasn’t renting well. I did one video for her and it was a huge success. This caused a few really cool things to happen. I did not know it at the time but this client was a lawyer who also has a business and more rental properties. One being a beach house in Florida. We are working on a deal for some videos for her business. In exchange for a video for her rental in “Sunny Florida” She is going to give it to me for a week for free. So it does not always have to be an exchange for money some times you can exchange services with other businesses. So if you are looking for a business to get into that has very little competition and a huge demand then web video marketing maybe for you.

Paul Seymour became a Police Officer sixteen years ago. Three years ago he turned to the internet as a second business and has been making money on the internet ever since. Paul enjoys helping local businesses create a online presence through the use of video and SEO.He has worked helping people in multiple niches from fitness to politics, real estate and everything in between. If you would like to check out the system he used to get started in Web Video Marketing then go to Traffic Geyser. He is currently being mentored by Internet marketing legends like Matt Bacak and Mike Keonigs. Paul has a blog at

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